5 recent Dallas divorce and family law podcasts on popular topics with Mark Scroggins

The best divorce and family law clients are the ones who understand the procedures involved and know what to expect in a variety of situations. In this monthly podcast series launched earlier this year, Board Certified Family Law Attorney, Mark Scroggins, of Scroggins Law Group, leads us through the nuts and bolts of some very common issues arising in divorce and family law cases.

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Temporary Restraining Orders for People and Property Recorded June 22, 2016

  • Protecting children and adults from harassment, threats and injury
  • Preserving financial assets and property from damage, encumbrance and sale
  • Procedures for obtaining a temporary restraining order and injunction
  • Ex parte temporary restraining orders, with no notice to the other party
  • Violating a temporary restraining order, when you cannot undo the act

Getting back to normal after a divorce or family law matter Recorded May 26, 2016

  • Adjusting to new ways to keep busy with work, friends and family
  • Mental health and well-being; working with a life coach or counselor
  • Creating a game plan for being the best co-parent, despite challenges
  • Dating again and approaching a new marriage, with or without children

Temporary Orders Hearings in Texas Divorce and Family Law Recorded April 28, 2016

  • The purpose of the Temporary Orders hearing and subject matter decided
  • Priorities in preparing for a Temporary Orders hearing, making advance agreements
  • What to expect in court, what procedures are involved in a Temporary Orders hearing
  • Do not anger the judge and the process, what not to do in a Temporary Orders hearing
  • What to do if temporary orders of the court are not being followed by the other party.

Alcohol and drug use or abuse in Texas divorce and family law Recorded March 25, 2016

  • Temporary orders and standing orders covering alcohol or drugs in divorce and custody cases
  • Conservatorship, possession, and access when alcohol or drug use or abuse is alleged
  • Random alcohol or drug testing and a change in direction of a divorce or family law case
  • Allegations of alcohol or drug use or abuse in fault ground divorces
  • Alcohol and drug testing, analysis, and impact in divorce and family law

Social media and communication technology topics in divorce Recorded February 23, 2016

  • Introduction to Scroggins Law Group and this new podcast
  • Your permanent record on social networking sites like Facebook
  • Accessing a spouse’s email, state and federal wiretap laws
  • Social media, communication technology and the discovery process
  • Attorneys advising clients about social technology, special considerations
  • When talking on the phone and taking hand-written notes may be better

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