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Joint-Managing Conservatorship Vs. Joint Custody

What’s the difference between joint-managing conservatorship and joint custody? You may be surprised to learn that joint custody doesn’t, in fact, exist at all. Learn more about joint-managing conservatorship as opposed to “joint custody” and the types of parental rights joint-managing conservators have in this Q&A special. Mark Scroggins  0:06   Hey folks, Mark Scroggins with […]

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Sole Managing Conservatorship

Under Texas law, parents may be named sole managing conservator, joint managing conservator, or possessory conservator. Each title confers different legal rights and duties upon each parent. A sole managing conservator has the exclusive right to make important child-rearing decisions and to determine the primary residence of the child. In addition to the exclusive rights,

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Possessory Conservatorship

Across Texas, families must make legal decisions every day regarding possession and conservatorship of their children. Texas Laws on Conservatorship and Possession empower each parent with rights and duties in caring for their minor children. Clients at any Texas family law firm may be familiar with common custodial arrangements but often fail to recognize that

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Joint Managing Conservatorship

There are a lot of moving parts when discussing conservatorship in Texas. These include presumptions under the law and some confusing terminology.  When you have questions about conservatorship and what is likely to happen based on the particular facts of your matter, contact an experienced professional at Scroggins Law Group, PLLC. What is Joint Managing

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Parental Relocation in Texas Child Custody Arrangements

What is Parental Relocation? In Texas, parental relocation is the act of a parent changing the primary residence of their child. While some relocations are minor and only require notification to the other parent, major moves outside any designated geographical restrictions call for the modification of the parties’ existing custody arrangement. The parents can agree

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