CONSERVATORSHIP – What is it? – Conservatorship includes rights and duties that you receive as a parent that relate to child rearing. Things such as educational decisions or medical decisions in non-emergent situations. Psychological and psychiatric decisions also fall in this category. These are all incredibly important, however, the one right that most people haveContinue reading “Conservatorship”

Family Lawyer Collin County

Family lawyer collin county tx If you are planning to get a divorce, it will greatly benefit you and your family to consult with a family lawyer Collin County TX residents trust from Scroggins Law Group. We have provided legal services to numerous people in similar situations and are here to help make things easier forContinue reading “Family Lawyer Collin County”

Family Law Attorney Plano

Family law attorney plano tx If you’re in need of a family law attorney, have confidence in the Scroggins Law Group team. We understand how difficult situations involving loved ones can be, so we offer compassionate services while aggressively pursuing all the rights you are entitled to under the law. Legal matters involving divorce, childContinue reading “Family Law Attorney Plano”

Protective Orders

Protective orders what is a protective order A protective order is an order that excludes a person from the marital residence as well as keeping them a certain distance away from any family member that is deemed a “protected party”. It will be granted if the aggrieved party can prove that he or she wasContinue reading “Protective Orders”

Child Custody Lawyer

Call Us (214) 469 – 3100 Anytime 24/7 Phone Answering Child Custody Lawyer In Texas, the Family Code is the collection of Texas statues controlling the decisions made in divorce and family court matters, as a child custody lawyer Frisco, TX trusts can attest. While many people use the word “custody” to refer to the careContinue reading “Child Custody Lawyer”