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Enforcement Lawyers Dallas TX

Helping You Enforce Your Family Law Order

Enforcement Lawyers Dallas TXAfter a divorce order is set in place, it is on both parties to abide by the set regulations for child custody, child support, visitation, spousal support and more. If one party does not live up to these orders, the other spouse can seek legal action. At Scroggins Law Group, we have helped numerous individuals enforce their court orders after a divorce.

Court orders are often broken when individuals:

  • Stop paying support — child or spousal
  • Violate visitation agreements
  • Relocate without permission
  • Pay less than the set amount

How Can Legal Action Help Me?

If your ex-spouse refuses to pay child support or violates the court order, our Collin County family lawyers can help. We understand the various forms of action that can be utilized in helping you enforce your order. In the event you are owed child support, the other parent may be held in contempt of court and a hearing will be set for him or her to explain why the support has not been paid. If the supporting parent does not show up to the hearing, he or she may be issued a warrant for their arrest. This action can help you receive the money owed to you to support your children and force the other parent to abide by the court order.

With over 24 years of legal experience, Scroggins Law Group has the knowledge and know-how to guide you through the legal process to enforce your court order. We work to aggressively pursue a positive outcome because we understand what these court orders mean for you. They help you and your children live a comfortable life. We can help you maintain these support payments.

Attorney Guidance Regarding Family Law Matters

Call our law firm today at 214-469-3100 to schedule a confidential evaluation.  Our Dallas, Texas, firm routinely assists clients throughout Collin County.

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