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Can A Child Refuse Visitation Of A Parent In Texas?

Hey folks, Mark Scroggins with Scroggins Law Group and before we get into these Q and A’s want to remind everybody that this is just providing a general answer to questions that are posed by our listenership and viewership out there. So at no time does that create an attorney client relationship between you and

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“Dark Triad” Part IV; Economic/Financial Abuse Post-separation

Mark Scroggins  0:06   Hey folks, Mark Scroggins with Scroggins Law Group, we are back for another edition of the Reclamation Transformation. And we have Cindy Hyde with us once again. How are you today? Cindy Hyde  0:15   I’m good Mark, how are you? Mark Scroggins  0:17   I am good. Well, hey, I enjoyed our previous

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New Headquarters Office Open in Frisco Texas

Established Law Firm Opens New Headquarters in Frisco, TX Frisco, Texas is a rapidly growing city north of the Dallas/Fort Worth area in both Collin and Denton counties. With a population of just under 200000, the city of Frisco has quickly become one of the most attractive places to live in all of the U.S.

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Common Law Marriage in Texas

Facts and Myths Regarding Common Law Marriage in the state of Texas. I am sure you have heard, more than a few times, a partner in a long-term relationship claim We’ve been together so long, we are common law married. There are many misunderstandings or myths regarding this designation, its qualifications, and what is the

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Discovery Documents and Testimony In Texas

Discovery is the process by which information is exchanged in a lawsuit, as a divorce lawyer can explain. Discovery is particularly important in divorce or family law cases to prove the allegations in your case. In a petition for divorce, for custody or another family law matter we make allegations of fact and a request to

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Standing Order in Divorce

What is a standing order? Standing Orders were implemented by a significant number of counties in Texas over 10 years ago to decrease the amount of Temporary Restraining Orders that were being filed in non-emergent cases. Most of the Standing Orders are common sense and attempt to maintain the status quo from immediately prior to

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