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Drug and Alcohol Testing

Drug and alcohol testing are a subject most of the population is familiar with today. Employment can often hinge on a positive or negative test result. Within the media, we have heard about failed drug tests by famous athletes or celebrities, and it makes the news. We see examples in movies and on T.V. where

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How Does a Court Make a Decision on Child Custody?

Answers from a child custody attorney Collin County TX Trusts Scroggins Law Group has been helping parents reach amicable child custody arrangements since opening our firm in 1994. Whether you’re seeking to resolve this matter through mediation or you need a child custody attorney to represent you in Family Court, please contact us today. If

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Holiday Visitation Problems and Solutions

Scroggins Law Group on Holiday Visitation Problems and Solutions The holidays are always special for people who may be divorced and live with blended families. For most people who worked diligently on creating a workable parenting plan are pleased with their results. A good co-parenting agreement prepared by child custody lawyers in Plano, TX with

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When Does Child Support End?

If you are a parent and are receiving child support, it’s important to understand when the other parent is no longer legally obligated to pay that support. The following information is an overview of child support terms, but this varies by state. There are additional factors that can come into play such as separation agreements

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What is a Suit Affecting Parent-Child Relationship in Texas?

A suit affecting parent-child relationship, or SAPCR, is a type of claim in which issues of conservatorship, possession and access, child support, and medical decisions are allocated amongst relevant parties (usually parents). A SAPCR may be ripe for review in multiple scenarios. For example, in Texas, any divorce suit with children automatically attaches a SAPCR

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Court Orders

Scroggins Law Group represents clients throughout the North Texas area. As such, we have collected the Covid-19 orders that have been promulgated by the counties in which the majority of our clients reside. Please click on the link with your particular county to gain access to said orders. If you have any questions or need

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