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The Courts Are Operating and Law Firms Are Open, Scroggins Law Group is Open for Business Mark leads our program talking about the very incorrect assumption many make, which is that if the courthouses are closed to non-essential matters, the law firms are also closed. No, this is not the case, the law firms are open and so are the courts, with the limitation that some hearings...

How Courts, Attorneys, and Clients Absorb the COVID-19 Coronavirus Impact on Divorce and Child Custody Mark leads the discussion by telling us that Scroggins Law Group is open, 100 percent, for current clients and new clients with divorce, child custody, and other family law matters. Mark explains that he invested in his firm’s technology early on, so the Frisco office could communicate efficiently with attorneys and staff...

There are Several Forms of Discovery in Divorce and Child Custody In this video podcast, Mark L. Scroggins, Board-Certified in Family Law, teaches us how discovery in divorce and child custody in Texas. Discovery procedures allow you to discover information that is relevant to your lawsuit. Financial information, mental health issues, infidelity, and more. We have written and oral discovery. Oral discovery involves depositions, where the parties,...

Mental Health Issues in Child Custody: A video podcast with Mark L. Scroggins   It is common to have mental health issues in child custody cases. There are mental health professionals who may become involved when either the mental health of the parents or children are at issue in the case. In this Scroggins Law Group video podcast, Mark L. Scroggins talks about how mental health professionals,...

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