Pro Se Perils: The Case Against Self-Representation

Pro Se Perils when Parties Insist on Self-Representation in Their Case The case against self-representation relies on the idea that one?s own judgment can be compromised by their emotion and investment in the underlying issue. Parties in divorce and family law actions should not represent themselves in the case without a lawyer, which is referredContinue reading “Pro Se Perils: The Case Against Self-Representation”

Divorce and Christmas Podcast 2018

Enjoy family law tips in our annual Divorce and Christmas Podcast It?s the week before Christmas and this is the Scroggins Law Group family law podcast with Mark Scroggins. Mark is the principal and founding attorney at Scroggins Law Group. He is Board-Certified in Family Law and today he shares his insight on navigating theContinue reading “Divorce and Christmas Podcast 2018”

Divorce Strategy: Estate Planning

If you are planning to file for divorce or have recently started a divorce suit, your divorce strategy estate planning lists cover periods before, during and after divorce. Why do so many of us wait until we are taking an overseas family vacation to update our estate planning documents? Statistically we are all at greaterContinue reading “Divorce Strategy: Estate Planning”

Quality Christmas Time with Children

With so many events and activities in North Texas it is easy to spend some quality Christmas time with children. Especially after divorce the one on one time spent among children and their biological parents is important. When families blend and there are step parents and siblings, new traditions are a great way to growContinue reading “Quality Christmas Time with Children”

Foreign Travel Restrictions During Divorce

Foreign Travel Restrictions During Divorce to Prevent Abduction During and after divorce parents often fear the other may attempt taking the child out of the country and remaining abroad to prevent visitation. While this form of abduction does not happen frequently, there are plenty of television movies portraying the story of a parent fighting toContinue reading “Foreign Travel Restrictions During Divorce”

Get Married Again, Doing it Right

People Who Get Divorced Still Get Married Again, With More Wisdom Almost like clockwork, several men and women who married right out of high school end up filing for a divorce from the wrong person, and they wan to get married again and do things right. Marriages, divorces and the birth of new children seemContinue reading “Get Married Again, Doing it Right”

Prepare for Trial: High Stakes Divorce & Family Law

Always Prepare for Trial? Most divorce, child custody and family law cases settle but your attorney still needs to prepare for trial, especially when there are complex issues of property division and in high stakes modification cases. The cases we think are the most likely to settle can be interrupted by factors beyond your control.Continue reading “Prepare for Trial: High Stakes Divorce & Family Law”

Are Text Messages Admissible in Texas Divorces?

Text Messages are Being Used as Admissible Evidence in Texas Divorces When preparing for a divorce, some people take screenshots of text messages to use as evidence. People find out about other’s text conversations in all kinds of ways. A spouse reviewing the monthly cell phone bill might notice an increase in the number ofContinue reading “Are Text Messages Admissible in Texas Divorces?”

Family and Domestic Violence Divorce Strategy

Family and Domestic Violence Affects All Kinds of Families Domestic violence, also known as family violence, affects millions of people every year. Family and domestic violence is aggressive or violent conduct within the home, often involving violent abuse of a past or present spouse or partner. When the victim is married to the abuser theContinue reading “Family and Domestic Violence Divorce Strategy”

Board-Certified Family Law Attorney for Child Custody

Board-Certified Family Law Attorney Mark L. Scroggins is Experienced and Aggressive Dallas divorces involving children and custody issues require a family lawyer who can get your family the results you need on the first approach. Especially in the beginning of a divorce or a Suit Affecting the Parent-Child Relationship (SAPCR), what happens in the earlyContinue reading “Board-Certified Family Law Attorney for Child Custody”