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Parenting and Divorcing: The Coronavirus and Stay at Home Situation

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Mental Health and Addiction Issues with Coronavirus and Stay at Home Situation Mark talks about the first 6 weeks of staying at home, having kids at home, and not being able to get out; you find out how close you are to your spouse or how ready you are to be done with that person. This is the Scroggins Law Group video podcast program with Board-Certified divorce...

Final Trials in Divorce and Child Custody: A Mark L. Scroggins Video Podcast In this Scroggins Law Group production, we take a closer look at final trials in divorce and child custody cases in Texas. Ideally, you and your Frisco divorce lawyer can settle your divorce and child custody issues outside of court and without going to a final trial. In fact, most of the important decisions...

What Not to Do When Divorcing in Texas Mark L. Scroggins offers tips on what not to do when divorcing in this podcast. As Mark explains, all you are doing is causing yourself more problems when you cut off funds to your spouse, engage in dallying tactics, start new relationships during your divorce, and when you make those nasty comments about your spouse. Your credibility is important...

Divorce Lawyer The temporary order hearing is to address items pertaining to the immediate status and welfare of the individuals of your case on a temporary basis. In a divorce with children, the focus of this hearing usually is who remains in the marital residence, who makes decisions for the children, who gets possession of the children and when, if anyone shall receive child support or temporary...

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