Child Custody

Child Custody Attorney In Dallas TX

Child Custody Attorney In Dallas TX

There are many choices for child custody, but a child custody attorney Dallas families turn to can make the process easier for you and your family. It’s extremely important to differentiate between the types of child custody, and to comprehend the implications of each.

Mark L. Scroggins of Scroggins legal has many years of experience serving families on matters of divorce, child support, and child custody. Get in touch today if you’re ready to consult with a child custody attorney in Dallas TX who cares about his clients. He can help you with child custody arrangements that work for you and your family’s needs.

Types of Child Custody: Physical Custody


One of the most widely known and understood kinds of child custody is physical custody. This arrangement allows a parent to have his or her child live with him or her. In situations when both parents are awarded this right for equally significant periods of time, it is called joint physical custody. The latter arrangement is more common when the parents live relatively close to one another. Generally, if they do not, a court or another ruling body will award physical custody to only one of the parents. A Dallas TX child custody attorney such as Mark L. Scroggins can provide you with more information specific to your unique circumstances.

Sole Custody


In an extenuating circumstance, a parent may be awarded sole physical custody if the other parent is granted limited custody or visitation rights. Oftentimes, this is what happens in divorce cases when one of the two parents is unfit to be a parent for a particular reason; for example, a financial or drug problem. If you have concerns about your former partner or spouse, consult a child custody attorney Dallas parents trust from Scroggins Law Group.

Legal Custody


Legal custody has to do with a parent’s legal authority in making decisions. For example, decisions regarding the child’s upbringing, health, and education. The court may award joint legal custody to both parents after they divorce, which means the former spouses must work together to make important decisions for their child or children. A child custody attorney Dallas locals recommend can help you make decisions that reflect what’s best for your child. Most courts prefer to grant joint legal custody to the benefit of the children, but if you have concerns about your ex-spouse, you can seek sole legal custody. As a child custody attorney Dallas residents rely on, Mark L. Scroggins has helped many clients in similar situations.

Joint Custody Arrangements


Joint custody is when parents share responsibilities for taking care of their child. In fact, it is common for parents to have joint physical and legal custody. In the case of joint physical custody, parents and their child custody attorney usually draw up an arrangement called a “joint custody arrangement” or “parenting agreement” which the judge will have to approve. There are many different ways to arrange this agreement; your child custody lawyer can help you navigate this legal process.

A Child Custody Lawyer Who Cares


The complications and emotional stress of child custody cases can be challenging to navigate alone. Team up with a family lawyer who is successful at helping families manage the difficulties of arranging custody agreements. Call Scroggins Law Group to talk about your options today with a child custody attorney Dallas offers.

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