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Child Custody Lawyer In Collin County TXHow to Help Children Be Happy Living in Two Homes

If during your divorce settlement, the court awarded both you and former spouse joint physical custody of your children, a child custody lawyer Collin County TX clients trust understands that you may be wondering how you can make this an easier process. Being able to see both parents on a regular and consistent basis can be beneficial to your children’s well-being.

However, the changes in routine and lifestyle can cause your children to feel stress, anxiety, sadness, and more. Here are some recommendations from a child custody lawyer in Collin County TX that can make this transition smoother for you, your former spouse, and children, too.

Encourage Your Children to Talk Openly with You
A child custody lawyer Collin County TX families rely on knows that child custody issues can leave children with so many different emotions to deal with. Due to those emotions, your children may experience, encourage expressing themselves by providing a secure and safe environment. By letting your children talk freely and ask questions about what is happening, it can make the transition feel less frightening.

Establish a Preferred Method of Contact
Depending on why the divorce happened, it may be painful and distressing having to talk with your former spouse. You both can agree to a certain route of communication that you each feel comfortable with. If talking on the phone is too much for either of you, a child custody lawyer Collin County TX parents depend on recommends text messaging or the internet (like emails or google calendars) to exchange information.

Agree to Not Bad-Mouth
Talking badly about the other parent in front of the children can be very damaging to their sense of the world. At some point, they likely saw you and their other parent being loving and kind to each other, and now the dynamic has drastically changed. This change can be equally heartbreaking for you and your children. Any lingering wounds you have about the separation should not be expressed through angry and resentful words about your former spouse with your children. As a child custody lawyer Collin County TX locals turn to can explain, bad-mouthing the other parent can actually be used against you if that parent brings you back to court.

Do Not Pin Your Children Against the Other Parent
Do not use your children as pawns to get back at your spouse. You may not even realize you are doing this, but is it incredibly harmful to your children. In order to work together successfully, you must find a way to put your personal feelings towards the other parent aside.

Consider Therapy for the Children
If you both find that your children are having an increasingly difficult time adjusting to their new routine and lives, agree to consider taking them to therapy. A health professional can help guide your children towards healing while providing an unbiased environment.

How to Ease Children into Frequent Changes
In joint physical custody, children are to live with both their parents. This means there may be frequent changes when having to go from one place to another weekly or monthly. Reassure your children that they both have two parents that love them unconditionally. Remind them a few days ahead of time when they are supposed to leave to spend time with the other parent. This can help your children anticipate changes and gives them a chance to adapt. Try to show enthusiasm when bringing your children to the other parent, so they do not feel pressured to choose sides. If there are issues during custody exchanges, let your Collin County child custody attorney know immediately.

If you have more questions or concerns regarding custody of your child, contact a child custody lawyer Collin County TX provides today.

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