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Child Support Modification Tips

There are certain life events that can make it difficult to make child support payments, like job loss or a serious injury. If you find yourself in a situation where you can no longer afford your child support payments, you may feel very overwhelmed. However, it?s possible to modify your child support. Family lawyers provide tips on ways to modify child support payments:

Act Quickly

If you know you can no longer afford your child support payments, it?s important to take steps to secure a child support modification as soon as possible. If you delay the process, you will just get more and more behind in your payments. These payments can?t be discharged in bankruptcy, so you will be on the hook for them.

Talk to the Other Parent

As uncomfortable as it may be at first, try to talk to the other parent about modifying your child support payments. Explain your situation in detail and ask the parent if he or she would be okay with lowering your child support payments. If you, for example, got laid off from your job, tell your former spouse that not having a job makes it very difficult for you to make your current payments. Settling the matter with the other parent will help you avoid the cost and stress of further litigation.

Provide Proof of Your Change in Circumstances

In order to qualify for child support modification, you will have to show proof that your circumstances have dramatically changed. For instance, if you lost your job, you may have to show the court a copy of your termination letter. You should also make an effort to find new employment and show the court proof.

Try to Make Your Child Support Payments

Even though it may be difficult, you should still try to make the child support payments under the current court order. If you can only swing half of the payment, pay that amount. If the court sees that are still making some effort to keep up with your payments, they may be more willing to modify your child support.

File Your Request

The last thing you have to do is a file a request for child support modification with the court that issued your original child support order. To avoid making unnecessary errors, have a skilled child custody modification lawyer Frisco, TX relies on help you file this documentation. He or she may help you file it in an efficient manner and make sure your former spouse gets served with the papers.

Not being able to make your child support payments can definitely make you feel uneasy. However, if you go through the proper channels, it?s possible to modify your payments and get some relief. Family lawyers have helped others in similar situations to yours and want to make the process as easy possible.

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