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Drug Testing in Child Custody Cases in Texas

Drug Testing in Child Custody Suits: Protecting the Best Interests of the Child

Drug and alcohol use and abuse can significantly impair the ability to be a good parent. Drug testing in child custody cases is increasingly common. Several U.S. states have voted to legalize drugs like marijuana and some people take a more relaxed approach to certain substances, but that does not mean drug use by a parent is acceptable or in the best interests of their child.

Mark L. Scroggins and the team at Scroggins Law Group are savvy when it comes to helping children with drug and alcohol abusing and addicted parents.

Not all people who use drugs are bad people or bad parents, but they do need help with their substance abuse and addiction before they are better able to be a good parent and role model. To protect children in Texas divorces and custody cases, drug testing is important.

Court Ordered Drug Testing

Some parents voluntarily submit to drug and alcohol testing, while others will only do so when ordered by the court, facing contempt if they refuse to comply. When one of the attorneys involved in a custody case is aware of concerns about the best interest of the child or children in a family and a parent is said to have a drug or alcohol problem, they ask the court to order drug testing.

The consequences of a failed drug test can be significant and result in supervised visitation for the parent who tests positive for tested substances. The common tests for drugs are urine, hair and finger nails. Meanwhile, blood testing is used to detect alcohol.

We do have a problem with technology today, as too many people look online to find ways to cheat the system and dupe the drug testing facilities.

The Element of Surprise

Are you surprised that people who abuse drugs and alcohol don’t follow the rules? Did you know there is an entire industry based on helping people pass drug tests? When drug users, especially marijuana smokers, know they are going to be drug tested for work they are prepared with fake urine taped to their leg or whatever their trick may be.

In child custody cases Texas judges take drug testing seriously and when appropriate, the element of surprise is their best asset. Some high-stakes drug testing facilities use the element of surprise to catch the individual when they least expect it ? gotcha!

Protecting your children and your family requires the best attorneys you can find when it comes to child custody and concerns about drug and alcohol abuse. Mark L. Scroggins is Board-Certified in family law and is tough as Texas when it comes to the safety and best interests of children. Call Scroggins Law Group in Plano at (469) 626-5220 for help and to learn about drug testing in child custody cases in Texas.

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