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Available by Phone 24/7

Our Family Wizard: Your Summer Schedule Coach

Our Family Wizard can be your summer schedule coach. If you are not already using Our Family Wizard, you might consider its features and benefits. If you are using Our Family Wizard, you might make another’s life easier by introducing them to Our Family Wizard, especially if it was not available when they started co-parenting with their former spouse.

Whether using Our Family Wizard on your phone or tablet or the website on your computer, Our Family Wizard will make it easy and transparent to share information, schedules, expense receipts and an information bank. As kids grow older and have more activities and demands on their time, it is important for both parents to be able to effectively communicate scheduled exchanges of parenting time and the unscheduled changes that periodically arise.

Parents love Our Family Wizard

Features and benefits of Our Family Wizard include a message board to send and receive communications, a calendar of events, an expense log and an information bank to store important details parents need to work together in raising children in mixed homes.

Managing multiple co-parenting relationships is easier with the Our Family Wizard software when there are multiple parents of multiple children and potentially confusing custody and visitation schedules.

Structured and limited communication keeps parents on track with the subject matter, parenting. Ideally, and knowing that your attorney can see your messages, the Our Family Wizard program allows ex-spouses to communicate in a closed forum and avoid the unnecessary talk that may otherwise occur in email or text messaging.

Attorneys and family law professionals also use Our Family Wizard

Your divorce lawyer can use their own account to log in and view the Our Family Wizard account you all are using, and the communication exchanges. This is particularly helpful when conflict may arise and be better addressed when there appears to be a breakdown in communication; misunderstandings are easy, and conflict can be avoided.

Proof of whether a parent maintains composure and control in their communications with another parent is easy to offer when the parties are using Our Family Wizard. If necessary, an attorney can direct the judge to details in communications and whether both parties are using the software correctly if it comes up in an enforcement or modification action. It is unfortunate but some who insist on being obstructionists can passively aggressively fail to use the software system.

Consider trying Our Family Wizard for your summer time kid calendars, you might really like the program and use it year-round, making life so much simpler.

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