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Issues to discuss with your Collin County family law attorney

Issues To Discuss With Your Collin County Family Law Attorney

Issues and concerns to consider during a child custody agreement Issues to discuss with your Collin County family law attorney include issues primarily concern children, spousal support, property and asset division. Divorce attorneys in Plano, Frisco and all over Collin County represent their clients on a wide variety of issues and concerns.

Issues and concerns about children

Child custody lawyers in Plano, Texas anticipate that questions relating to your children are usually the first asked in a client consultation. Parents want to know about legal and physical custody and visitation. Second to where the children will live, child support is a likely question. Other family members with relationships with your children may also come up with respect to visitation. Health, vision and dental insurance benefits may be a concern to ask your divorce lawyer about. Generally, you can think about your children and what they may have coming up in their future and what needs to be handled. Emergencies also arise, and parents have questions about how it works being divorced and handling some significant life challenges in Collin County.

Spousal support issues

In some divorces both spouses work, have assets and can to support themselves without financial assistance in the form of spousal support or spousal maintenance. Most people preparing for divorce will talk to their divorced friends for support and ask what they might expect to happen. You may learn and talk to your divorce lawyer about asking for additional support where your divorce is a result of domestic violence. Other spousal support questions for your family law attorney may be about the modification, enforcement or termination of support.

Property and asset division issues

Property and asset valuation and division are important issues to discuss with your divorce lawyer. When you own complex assets and business interests you may need to work out a strategy and work with other professionals who advise your lawyer about business values and the details your lawyer needs to negotiate and litigate your case.

In addition to questions about who may get what in the divorce, a conversation should take place about how far you are willing to go to get what you want. Some people are happy to spend time and resources to reach their divorce goals and others are happy to settle quickly and wrap things up. Making sure you are making sound strategic plans is important. It is not efficient to fight simply to spite the other spouse.

Additional considerations

After or before talking about children, property and money you may need to address domestic violence, orders of protection, child abuse and any ongoing court cases that can affect you or your divorce. You may also discuss maiden name restoration if it applies.

Talking about the attorney-client relationship provides an opportunity for your and your divorce lawyer in Collin County, Texas to get on the same page with your expectations about the case, how your lawyer works and what are the best ways to communicate.

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