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Tips to Consider During a Child Custody Battle

It may go without saying that child custody battles can be a gut-wrenching, stressful and outright painful thing for a parent to go through. Any person who has endured a separation with children involved, can understand the complexities that go into the decision about who is awarded custody. An attorney can help you get ready for child custody hearings, so you can walk in with your head held high feeling strong. Here are just a few things we recommend taking into consideration when going into battle over custody of children with your former partner:

Cooperation is Key

When attending a court hearing regarding child custody, it can impress the judge if you continually show that you are willing to cooperate with your ex. Even if things are quite turbulent between you and your ex, a family court judge wants to see children remain with the parent who is acting responsibly and maturely. An unpredictable and hostile parent in the courtroom may be seen as unfit.

Honesty is Best

Many parents in the middle of a child custody battle may request a home evaluation. This can speak volumes to the family court that you are willing to be completely open and honest about the standard of living in your home. Asking for a professional inspection can show the judge you are not trying to hide anything, in addition to being open to feedback about minor changes in order for your children to have the best environment possible. An attorney can help you file the necessary paperwork to have this inspection performed.

Hire an Experienced Attorney

It can have a negative impact on the overall verdict of your child custody battle to have representation from a legal professional who has never had a client going through a dispute like this before. An attorney has likely helped many clients just like you, who are healing from the heartbreak of a separation while trying to keep a strong relationship with their children.

Accept Court Requests

If you do receive constructive feedback from a judge about how you can be a better parent, take these very seriously. You may feel offended to be told by a judge to take a parenting class, or fulfill other unwanted obligations. However, if you do not accept these requests in a pleasant manner, the judge may take this as you not being serious when it comes to the well being of your children. Remember that how you respond to requests can have a huge influence on the child custody verdict.

A child custody lawyer Plano, TX trusts at Scroggins Law Group can meet with you to talk more about your child custody battle. We understand how emotional this may be, and will do what is within our means to make things go smoother for you.

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