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Divorce After Christmas Podcast With Mark L. Scroggins

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Divorce After Christmas Podcast With Mark L. Scroggins

Time for Divorce After Christmas

The older we get the further we look back during the holidays and remember our childhood and early years. Time with loved ones is a treasured gift and at Christmas we naturally assess our happiness and progress. When you sense something is wrong and cannot imagine your future, you may be thinking about filing for divorce after Christmas.

In this podcast, Mark L. Scroggins explains what to expect when filing for a post-Christmas divorce.

Why do so many people divorce after Christmas?

Christmas is important to children and many parents who know their marriage is damaged, will keep up appearances for Christmas for sake of the children and other family members. Imagine you know you will get divorced after Christmas, you can look at your friends, family and children in a different light knowing what is to come.

Other marriages are in trouble and something happens over Christmas, the final straw. Imagine that brewing fight that was initially triggered by cheating, lying or another embarrassing conflict you and your spouse cannot seem to get past. Things can be temporarily patched up and so long as everyone stays busy there is no time to really discuss problems. When resentment builds, and life starts feeling foreign, Christmas time can help realign someone in a bad marriage. Sometimes the support of family and friends over Christmas is just what you need to feel secure when moving forward with a divorce, to get out of a bad marriage.

What are the next steps towards divorce discussed in this podcast?

Mark L. Scroggins frequently says in these podcast episodes that hiring the best lawyer you can find is important. When you file, your spouse is going to look for the best divorce lawyer they can find. Experienced divorce trial attorneys have honed strategies and are highly effective in high stakes divorces.

Board-certification in family law is important. Family law attorneys must have significant experience in divorce and family law, including a minimum number of trials in order to sit for the examination. The board-certification exams are challenging and pass rates among takers further shows how limited and valuable a board-certified lawyer is in their specialty area.

Protecting Yourself, Your Home and Your Children

The first question many ask is what will happen to the kids and where will we live and who will pay what during the divorce. Filing for divorce after Christmas can be a safety concern if there is a history, even short and immediate, of domestic violence. A family violence charge affects custody and many other aspects of divorce. Listen to the podcast and learn about protective orders and kick-out orders to remove family violence offenders from the home.

Mark L. Scroggins’ years of experience in high stakes divorce, custody and family law cases causes him to frequently talk about the value of a good mental health professional. For many reasons mental health therapists and counselors help people look at themselves and others in a different light, helping people see what that to which they might have been blind.

Call Scroggins Law Group to Get Your Post-Christmas Divorce Started Today

When you are ready to file for divorce and need to know your rights and options, call Scroggins Law Group in Dallas to schedule your confidential consultation. The team of trial attorneys, paralegals and support staff work together to accomplish your important divorce and custody objectives. Mark L. Scroggins is an experienced Board-Certified family law attorney and he creates and manages specific strategies tailored to your personal needs. When you need a divorce after Christmas we can help.

Contact us online or call us at (214) 469-3100, our Dallas office, for Scroggins Law Group service in Dallas, Denton and Collin Counties.

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