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Divorce and Christmas Podcast 2018

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Divorce and Christmas Podcast 2018

Divorce and Christmas Podcast 2018

Enjoy family law tips in our annual Divorce and Christmas Podcast

It’s the week before Christmas and this is the Scroggins Law Group family law podcast with Mark Scroggins. Mark is the principal and founding attorney at Scroggins Law Group. He is Board-Certified in Family Law and today he shares his insight on navigating the holidays.

Preparing for Christmas and New Years in a troubled marriage requires a game plan and preventative damage control. At times we know we plan to file for divorce in January but still need to go through the motions to keep the peace over the holidays. Many people wait until the new year to not disturb the children’s holidays.

For others, Christmas and New Year’s may be the last effort to see if there is still a marriage relationship worth saving, which takes work.

Mental health is a blessing and talking to a counselor can help when we otherwise listen to our friends and family who may tell us what they think we want to hear. The neutral thoughts of a third party not tied to our situation can help put things in perspective.

For recently divorced parents, juggling the schedule of different family plans and sometimes multiple possession schedules, can be a logistical nightmare. A little foresight in planning goes a long way.

For anyone there can be heated moments or breakdowns. Some situations we can get past, others may require further intervention afterwards, including court actions to modify or enforce court orders.

Mark L. Scroggins the team at Scroggins Law Group wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. If you need to talk about your rights and options in divorce, custody and other family law issues, please call and schedule your confidential consultation by dialing (214) 469-3100.


We hope you enjoy our annual Divorce and Christmas Podcast and share or forward it to others because you never know who is looking for this information and insight.

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