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Divorce Attorney Collin County Texas

Divorce Attorney Collin County TexasHigh-stakes divorce cases require an experienced high-net worth divorce attorney. Mark L. Scroggins is the principal of Scroggins Law Group in Plano, Texas and he is Board Certified* in family law by the Texas Board of Legal Specializations. Scroggins has negotiated and litigated many high-stakes divorce cases. As a divorce attorney in Collin County, TX in high net worth cases, he has formed good working relationships with many of the investigators and divorce financial experts who are often involved in determining complex issues of income and property in high-stakes divorce.


At Scroggins Law Group, the divorce professionals collaborate and focus on spotting the issues that can arise when the divorcing parties have significant financial interests in businesses, trusts, operating agreements, and compensation agreements. Mark L. Scroggins receives case referrals from colleagues who want to refer a Collin County, TX divorce attorney for a high-net worth divorce case who will work for the results his clients desire, while protecting them from their case being over-litigated.


There is More at Stake in a High Net Worth Divorce


The impact of decisions and the advice of a high-net worth divorce attorney in Collin County, TX can be significant. Clients relying on a divorce attorney to help them decide how to proceed on the advice of the divorce financial expert must be able to trust their high-net worth divorce attorney.


Consider the example of spouses who own equal shares in a family business. If your Collin County, TX divorce attorney follows a traditional plan for identifying and dividing assets like shares in a business, you can end up with an ex-spouse who is still a shareholder in your family business, who is forever seated at the board table. Imagine the long-term consequences and impact to other relationships that can arise. An experienced high-net worth divorce attorney sees these problems before they can occur and may suggest one spouse buy out the shares of the other or have them sold equally to the other shareholders. What if one of the other family shareholder does not have money to buy the shares? As you can see, at Scroggins Law Group there are all kinds of high-stakes divorce issues to consider.


Complex Income and Property Issues in High Net Worth Divorce


In a high-net worth divorce the common complex financial issues can involve income, property and asset interests. The objective in any divorce is to achieve the desired results of a client. In high-net worth cases, your divorce attorney is expected to negotiate and represent you with a focus on maximizing options in furtherance of your expectations.

If you are a highly compensated employee your employee benefits are part of a compensation agreement that requires the review of an experienced divorce attorney in Collin County, TX and financial professionals. How and when you elect to receive employee benefit options can be complicated when you are seeking to identify and divide employee benefit assets.

Many high-net worth clients with property ownership rights have income they receive from a variety of sources. Land in Texas can produce income from rents, mineral rights, oil and gas leases and more. During the marriage, these assets can be acquired through purchase, gift or inheritance. Assets may also be the property of a client before they were married. Whether assets will be considered community property or separate property in the divorce can itself be a complex and well-litigated matter.


Working with Legal Investigators and Financial Professionals


Scroggins Law Group works with legal investigators and financial professionals in Collin County, Texas. When a high-net worth divorce client needs expert financial advice it is important for your divorce attorney in Collin County, TX to contact the right professional to bring into your divorce case.


Legal investigators with specialized knowledge and tools to locate hidden assets can get involved when it appears that one spouse is not being truthful about their reported assets and financial information. When one spouse is cheating and maintaining a paramour, a legal investigator can be essential to tracing and locating hidden assets and money inappropriately spent outside of the marriage.


Why choose Board Certified


The combination of high-net worth divorce attorney questions and answers cause many people to appreciate the experience of a Board Certified* Texas attorney. Mark L. Scroggins is Board Certified in family law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. In family law, Board Certified attorneys must be experienced and proficient in family law matters including “marriage, adoption, divorce, custody, support plus ownership of property acquired before and during marriage.[i]”


Board Certified attorneys in Texas are “A Distinguished Few,” as noted in the Texas Board of Legal Specialization website where they note that “There are more than 100,000 attorneys licensed to practice in Texas. Only 7,400 are Board Certified.”


Consultation Meetings with Scroggins Law Group


When you contact Scroggins Law Group in Plano, Texas you can make an appointment for a consultation and present your concerns and goals in your divorce or family law matter. Many people bring their questions to their initial consultation meeting at Scroggins Law Group. You can find out what you can expect in your divorce or family law matter. With an understanding of your options you can decide how to proceed.


When meeting with Mark L. Scroggins you will learn what to expect in the divorce process and what information and materials you may need to collect and provide to him and his staff during the discovery process and during your divorce. Children’s issues are often the focus on a family law matter and your consultation meeting may focus on the best interests of children. A divorce attorney Collin County, TX trusts from Scroggins Law Group can answer all your questions about high-net worth divorce in Collin County, Texas.


[i] Texas Board of Legal Specialization website: Specialty Areas.

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