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Divorce Facts & How to Make Things Easier

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Divorce Facts & How to Make Things Easier

Divorce can be an emotional and turbulent time for many individuals. Studies show that more than 50% of marriages end in divorce. In America, a single divorce occurs just over every 30 seconds. Some may break up amicably, while others are tedious and elongated processes. Below are the top 8 reasons why couples decide to part ways.

  1. Tying the Knot Too Soon

In the excitement of finding someone potentially compatible, people get married way too soon and in a rush. Both parties may overlook the differences and flaws of the other.

  1. Failure to Communicate Effectively

Communication is the main reason many couples end up going through a divorce. Spouses get into a routine of how they communicate with one another, which may be toxic or negative in pattern.

  1. Cheating from One or Both Partners

A huge reason why couples part ways is due to one or both participating in infidelity. It has been shown in some research that around 40% of people physically or emotionally act on cheating urges.

  1. Autonomy is Lost

Many may think maintaining individualism is distancing oneself from their spouse, however it is essential to being happy and healthy while coexisting with another person.

  1. Financial Disagreements & Issues

Money can be a huge issue arising frequently in marriages. One of the biggest culprits to a marriage ending is making damaging money decisions, debates and arguments.  

  1. Drug Use

Marriages may end due to one or both being addicted to or dependent on drugs. Substance abuse can also lead to aggression and domestic violence.

  1. Lacking Romantic Gestures

Maintaining passion and acts of romance can be difficult overtime in a marriage. One or both partners may end up feeling they are not treated in a special way anymore.

  1. Boredom with Partner

In the beginning things are new, however after years pass couples can become bored with the other and feel like the marriage is no fun.


One aspect of divorce that couples do not always think about is how they plan to move their belongings to a new place, or help get their spouses items out of the home formerly shared together. Part of the divorce settlement can include hiring a moving company to assist with the transport of belongings. Divorce can be such a stressful and draining process, so it is not unlikely both parties will not have the energy to move things on their own.


A moving company Long Island NY relies on can assist with moving furniture, delicate treasures and even large appliances like stoves, ovens and/or refrigerators. Let the professionals take on the heavy lifting, while you focus on healing and moving forward. They also offer cleaning services, so you can walk into your new home feeling refreshed. Or, they can tidy up the home you once shared together so it feels like a fresh, warm home just for you.


Thank you to Suburban Solutions for their knowledge in moving practices and services.


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