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Alimony Dallas TX

Alimony Dallas TX

A divorce is one of the most difficult and painful experiences a couple can go through, as a lawyer who specializes in alimony in Dallas, Texas can explain. There are many reasons for agreeing to a divorce, and every couple faces a unique set of circumstances. One of the things that help the consequences of divorce more manageable is alimony. Hiring a divorce lawyer can be beneficial as you go through the alimony process. They can assist you with developing an agreement that is fair for all parties, whether you receive or send payments. If you’re not sure if you are eligible for alimony or are involved in an alimony dispute, a lawyer can evaluate your case and offer help. 


Alimony in Dallas, TX


Alimony is a payment issued to a spouse to assist them with their standard of living costs following a divorce. In Texas, alimony is also known as spousal maintenance. Each spouse can request that alimony be paid to the other. Spousal maintenance is not required in every divorce case and is granted in certain circumstances. However, each spouse can place a formal request to the other spouse. 


An agreement between the two parties must be made that establishes the payment amount and the period that the payments will be awarded. If neither party can create a suitable written agreement, a judge will develop it for them. Once a request is submitted, both parties must attend a hearing where evidence will be reviewed. A judge will determine if alimony is appropriate given the circumstances. 


As a top alimony lawyer that the Dallas, Texas community trusts can explain to you, some factors that determine the amount of spousal maintenance include each spouse’s income, their estimated expenses after the divorce, and the number of years they have been married. 


Who Alimony is Awarded To


Every state handles alimony differently, and some have strict requirements. Not every spouse is entitled to spousal maintenance. Some states require that a couple be married for a minimum amount of time before they can be eligible for alimony. The payments can be in the form of one lump sum or be distributed as monthly payments for a set amount of time. 

If there is a large gap in earning capacity between each spouse, they are more likely to be awarded spousal maintenance. One example is if one spouse may need additional time to adjust their employment status. If they are only working part-time then spousal maintenance may be appropriate because it can help provide financial support until they find a better job or increase their hours. 


How a Lawyer Can Help You with Alimony


Scroggins law group skilled and knowledgeable alimony lawyer can help you through the alimony process. They can tell you about the requirements, review your case to see if you are eligible, and explain what a reasonable and fair agreement should include so that you are paying or receiving an appropriate amount. If you need legal assistance and want more information about the alimony process, contact an alimony lawyer in Dallas, TX today. 

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