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In Texas, both parents are responsible for financially supporting their children. This is true even if one or both parents are minors, and whether the pregnancy was intended or not. If the parents of a child do not live together, the noncustodial parent is required to pay child support until that child turns 18 or graduates from high school — whichever comes later.

The state attorney general is responsible for the establishment, enforcement and modification of child support orders. All child support payments must go through the office of the attorney general. Failure to pay can result in wage withholding, tax refund forfeiture, property liens and license suspensions.

Every child support case is different. Some are fairly straightforward; others are not. In either case, disagreements are sometimes expected from the other parent. Having a knowledgeable child support attorney by your side is the smartest way to speed up the process while protecting your interests — and the best interest of your child.

We have those skilled family lawyers who can help you put child support confusion and disputes in the past. We are the law firm of Scroggins Law Group.

Experienced Attorneys Who Make A Living Protecting Families

Child support challenges can include:

  • Establishing paternity
  • Establishing paternal or maternal income, assets and expenses
  • Locating an absentee parent
  • Recovering unpaid funds
  • Discovery of hidden assets
  • Changing child support amounts and modifying payments following a change in status
  • Child support enforcement when payment responsibilities are ignored

Knowledgeable Attorneys Concerning Child Support Issues

We have over 24 years of family law experience and a record of positive results in the courtroom in the Dallas area. Our approach to your problems is both compassionate and aggressive. We do what needs to be done for the benefit of our clients. Contact Scroggins Law Group, today to arrange an initial consultation. Call us at 214-469-3100 or send an email message.

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