Do’s & Don’ts in a High Net-Worth Divorce

Any divorce can be complex and emotionally trying, but divorces involving high-net worth couples tend to be among the longest and most contentious. Property division is an important aspect of a divorce, and it can often be very difficult for people to see eye-to-eye during this process. In this blog, we discuss what you should and should not do in your high value divorce.

Do’s of Divorce

  • Do seek counsel as soon as possible, ideally long before you ever file for divorce. By hiring a Dallas divorce attorney early in the process, they can work to limit your exposure and build a legal strategy that is designed to protect your interests.
  • Do strive to settle as many issues as possible through mediation or alternative dispute resolution. Protracted legal battles only serve to make your divorce longer, more stressful, and much more expensive.

Don’ts of Divorce

  • Don’t use divorce to settle arguments with your spouse. It can be tough, but it’s important to take a step back and look at the big picture when things get emotionally charged. An experienced legal advocate can help guide you, but you should try to stay calm and rational.
  • Don’t try to hide assets – not only is this typically ineffective, it will often impact the final property division ruling made by the court. As with so many other aspects of divorce, attempting to take shortcuts now can ultimately work against you.

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