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When Should You Contact a Divorce Lawyer?

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Going through a divorce is a challenging and complex process, and having the right legal support is crucial. At Scroggins Law Group, we handle a wide range of divorce cases to meet your specific needs. If you’re contemplating divorce, it’s advisable to contact our experienced Frisco divorce attorneys under the following circumstances:

  1. Complex Financial Situations: When your marital assets involve intricate financial matters, such as businesses, intellectual property, investments, or significant debts.
  2. Child Custody Disputes: If child custody is a contentious issue and you need legal assistance to navigate the complexities of custody arrangements.
  3. Spousal Maintenance: When alimony is a potential consideration, whether you are seeking it or contesting it.
  4. Domestic Violence Concerns: In situations involving domestic violence, where the safety and well-being of you or your children are at risk.
  5. High-Conflict Divorce: When communication and cooperation between you and your spouse are extremely challenging, requiring legal intervention.

Types of Divorce Cases We Handle at Scroggins Law Group

Our divorce practice areas cover a wide spectrum, including but not limited to:

  1. Contested and Uncontested Divorces
  2. High-Asset Divorces
  3. Child Custody and Visitation
  4. Spousal Maintenance and Alimony
  5. Property Division
  6. Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution
  7. Domestic Violence Cases
  8. Post-Divorce Modifications

What are the Grounds for Divorce in Texas?

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In Texas, you can file for divorce based on “no-fault” grounds, citing insupportability due to discord or conflict of personalities that destroys the legitimate ends of the marriage relationship. You can also allege fault grounds. Reach out to Scroggins Law Group to learn more,

How Long Does it Take to Get a Divorce in Texas?

The time frame for a divorce in Texas varies, but generally, it takes 3-9 months from the date of filing. However, more complex cases may take longer.

Will I Have to Go to Divorce Court?

Not necessarily. Many divorces are settled through negotiation or mediation, avoiding a trial. However, if an agreement cannot be reached, court involvement may be necessary.

Why Choose Scroggins Law Group

Our experienced Frisco divorce lawyers are committed to providing personalized, compassionate, and effective legal representation. We prioritize your unique needs and guide you through every step of the divorce process.

Contact Our Frisco Divorce Lawyers

If you’re facing divorce, don’t navigate it alone. Contact our Frisco divorce attorneys for a consultation tailored to your situation.

In addition to divorce, our firm specializes in various family law matters, ensuring comprehensive legal support for your family’s needs.

For personalized guidance and support in your divorce or family law matter, contact Scroggins Law Group. Call us today or fill out our online form to schedule a consultation with one of our experienced attorneys.

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