Getting Ready for a Child Custody Hearing

Child Custody Lawyer Plano, TX

The battle for custody over a child may be one of the most stressful experiences any parent may go through in their lifetime. You may be worried about the future, and are unsure what to expect next about the process to come. An attorney can talk with you in detail about the child custody laws in your state, and help get you prepared for the hearing. When getting ready, it is important that you consult with an experienced attorney and learn how to create a solid and influential case. Here in the article, we have listed ways to increase your chances of being awarded a verdict in your favor.

Get Familiar with Your Parenting Rights

An attorney can help you get more familiar with your legal rights as a parent. Do research on your own too about child custody laws including visitation, the levels of custody, and in-home custody evaluations. You can consult with your attorney if you have any questions or concerns along the way.

Don?t Fight with Your Ex in Court

Your ex may try to get you angry or frustrated during the hearing by bring up negatives things or making accusations against you. Do your best to not let this get you worked up, as the judge wants to see parents be competent and confident. If your ex plays the attack game it may end up working against him or her in the end, as it shows he or she is not cooperative about parenting. So, focus on what you are there to accomplish and plead your case, without trying to make the other parent look bad in front of the judge.

The Little Details Matter

Do not forget to dress appropriately and whether you arrive on-time may also be taken into consideration by the judge. Dress the part, be organized and bring along an attorney to represent you during the hearing. The little details of presentation can make a huge difference.

Be Open to the Judge?s Recommendations

The judge may suggest you take certain actions in order to obtain custody of your child. These recommendations can include anything from moving to a bigger place to have enough space for your child, finding employment or even taking a parenting class. Be open and willing as this can show the judge you are prepared to do what it takes to have custody of your child.

A child custody lawyer Plano, TX trusts at Scroggins Law Group can empathize with the agony and heartbreak you may be going through. You may not only have recently gone through a separation or divorce, but now have to fight for custody of your child. Your attorney can understand this may not be an easy road, but will do what they can to get you the results you desire. Contact a law firm today so that they can provide you with the legal services you need.