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Addressing an Address Change

No two divorces are exactly alike. Each is unique, and there are countless scenarios that result in appointment of conservatorship and possession and access. The right to determine the primary residence of the child is most often awarded to one

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New to Frisco? Need a Super Lawyer!??

New to Frisco? Need a Super Lawyer!?? Family Lawyer Frisco TX Mark L. Scroggins is a family lawyer Frisco, TX can trust to advise and represent you on a variety of family law matters. Should you get a prenuptial agreement

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What Does Child Support Cover?

If a divorcing couple has minor children, the spouse with the higher income is typically expected to pay child support. These payments are meant to maintain a child?s existing standard of living. The courts expect that that custodial parents are

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What is a Family Law Attorney

Divorce and all things leading up to divorce are vey rarely amicable and easy going. Occasionally a divorce can start off as both sides seeing eye to eye, but it is exceedingly unlikely for the parties to continue to be

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Divorce Strategy: Estate Planning

If you are planning to file for divorce or have recently started a divorce suit, your divorce strategy estate planning lists cover periods before, during and after divorce. Why do so many of us wait until we are taking an

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Quality Christmas Time with Children

With so many events and activities in North Texas it is easy to spend some quality Christmas time with children. Especially after divorce the one on one time spent among children and their biological parents is important. When families blend

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Foreign Travel Restrictions During Divorce

Foreign Travel Restrictions During Divorce to Prevent Abduction During and after divorce parents often fear the other may attempt taking the child out of the country and remaining abroad to prevent visitation. While this form of abduction does not happen

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