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What Does Child Support Cover?

If a divorcing couple has minor children, the spouse with the higher income is typically expected to pay child support. These payments are meant to maintain a child?s existing standard of living. The courts expect that that custodial parents are using the payments to take care of the kids? needs and won?t monitor their spending habits. Family lawyers provide a further look at what child support may cover:

Food, Shelter and Other Basic Necessities

At the very minimum, children need adequate food, clothes on their backs and a safe place to live. Child support should at least be able to cover a child?s food and clothes costs. If the custodial parent has trouble paying all of the rent/mortgage, child support payments should be able to help cover some of it.

Educational Fees

Even if a child is attending public school, there are still educational expenses parents are responsible for. Child support may be needed to cover things like tuition fees, school uniforms, books, and lunch money.

Medical Care

The majority of states require divorced parents to carry health insurance for their children. The parent with better health benefits is generally the one required to cover their children. Child support may also be used to pay for medical expenses that exceed the cost of a health insurance plan, like co-pays, surgery costs, braces, and eyeglasses.


Children may need to go to several places during the week, ?like school, doctor?s appointments or soccer practice. A reliable vehicle is needed to get them to these places safely. Child support may be used to pay for things like car payments, gas and vehicle repair costs.

Extracurricular Activities

Many children enjoy being involved in extracurricular activities, like sports activities, summer camp, and Cub Scouts. Child support may be used to help pay for these non-school related activities.


Parents who work full-time may not be able to watch their kids around the clock. Child support can be used to pay for babysitters, daycare services and other childcare expenses.

College Expenses

Child support doesn’t always end when a child turns 18. Some states require non-custodial parents to help pay for a child’s college expenses, including tuition, textbook and room, and board.

If you are now a single parent, taking care of a child can get quite expensive. That?s why child support payments are so important. They can help provide your child with everything he or she needs and take some of the financial burden off of you. If you are planning on filing a child support claim soon, you may want to consult with a family attorney Collin County, TX trusts. He or she may ensure that you receive all the support you are entitled to.

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