Mixing Criminal and Family Law

Mixing Criminal and Family Law

Welcome to the Scroggins Law Group podcast series. This program features Texas Board Certified family law attorney Mark Scroggins who shares information about issues affecting Texas families in divorce and family law.

In this special episode Mark Scroggins visits with criminal defense attorney, James Whalen from the Whalen Law Office in Frisco, Texas about what happens when criminal law and family law issues mix.

Mixing Criminal and Family Law

  • Criminal liability for invasions of privacy rights when snooping;
    • Accessing your spouse?s email and social media accounts;
    • Text messages and accessing others? information;
    • Wiretapping and recording conversations;
  • Revenge porn and shaming your spouse or the paramour;
    • How can malicious image exploitations cause harm?
    • Do revenge porn laws protect the victim?
    • Using private investigators to catch cheaters;
  • Family violence issues and criminal defense;
    • Protective orders and gun right limitations;
    • Witnesses asserting 5th amendment rights;
    • Being wrongfully accused by system abusers.
  • Maintaining a divorce or family law case when a party is arrested
    • Spending marital funds on bail and lawyers;
    • Effect on child custody and visitation issues;
    • Impact on employment and ability to pay support.

In this discussion about mixing criminal and family law we learn about a variety of circumstances in which a family law attorney may need to consult with a colleague who practices criminal law. In the middle of a deposition, for example, an issue could arise that may jeopardize the deponent criminally based on how they may answer questions.

Privacy concerns and the illegalities of accessing another?s devices, communications and social media apps and accounts.

By way of strategy, it was suggested that sometimes decisions are made that prevent too many questions from being asked and answered because people want less information to be in a the record.

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