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How Child Custody is Determined

Child custody battles are difficult for everyone involved and it may require some assistance from a child custody attorney Plano TX locals recommend. Working with an experienced child custody lawyer from Scroggins Law Group can make a difficult situation less stressful. If you are currently going through a child custody battle, you might be wondering how the judge decides which parent gets custody. Though a child custody attorney in Plano TX from our firm can provide more information, here are several factors a judge may consider when making a decision:

Each Parent’s Relationship With the Children Before the Divorce


A judge will look to see how close each parent was to the children before the divorce. If a parent hasn’t spent much time with the children but now wants full custody, the judge may think that parent is trying to get back at the other parent and does not have the child?s best interests in mind. A child custody attorney Plano TX parents turn to can help make a case for why you are seeking the custody arrangement of your choice.

Each Parent’s Living Accommodations


Before deciding on a custody arrangement, the judge will want to know about each parents current living accommodations. The court wants to make sure the children live in the best possible environment. For example, if one parent, lives in a small apartment and the child will not have their own room, it might not be a suitable living arrangement for them.

Mental and Physical Health of Each Parent


A judge will consider each parents mental and physical health before making a custody decision. It is very important for children to live with a parent who is healthy mentally and physically. If a parent suffers from a chronic mental or physical condition, he or she may not be able to provide the kind of care the children need.

Each Parent’s Ability to Provide Financially for the Children


During a custody battle, a judge will want to know about each parents financial situation. If a parent is struggling financially, he or she might not be able to provide the children with food, clothes, and other basic needs. As a result, that parent may not be granted full custody.

The Children’s Wishes


If the children involved in the custody battle are older than 12, a judge may want to hear about their wishes. He or she may ask the children which parent they want to live with and why and consider their answers when making their custody decision.

Abuse or Neglect


If there is evidence that the children were abused or neglected by a parent, a judge will likely severely limit or forbid visitation time with that parent. The judge may also require supervised visits of that parent when they are around the children. If you’re concerned about your child’s safety, talk to a child custody attorney Plano TX families trust from Scroggins Law Group.

Location of Each Parent’s Home


The judge will also consider the location of each parent’s home in the custody decision. If a parent’s home is located close to the children’s school, the judge may likely award custody to that parent.

At Scroggins Law Group, we understand how overwhelming a child custody battle can be and want to offer our services to you. Our lawyers work hard to get their clients favorable custody decisions. With a child custody attorney Plano TX community members choose on your side, you will have a peace of mind about your situation.

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