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Children?s Issues in Texas Divorce: A Mark L. Scroggins Podcast

Mark L. Scroggins Talks About Children?s Issues in Texas Divorce

There are so many issues involved in a Texas divorce involving children. In this podcast, Mark L. Scroggins highlights a few of the common issues and describes how matters of money and parenting are negotiated and litigated. Mr. Scroggins is an experienced divorce trial attorney and is Board-Certified in Family Law by the Texas Legal Board of Specialization. Mark and his team of family law attorneys, paralegals and support staff work on the challenging cases.

Listening to this podcast can help you make a list of questions and issues you want to address in your divorce. You might also be divorced and need to change things that are not going right with your ex-spouse. At the end of the day, what matters most is the best interests of every child.

This podcast and summary information is about family law in Texas as well as the court procedure.

Kids Do Better When They are Around Healthy Relationships

Kids pay attention to their parents and how they interact. Their behavior is learned from parents and role models in their lives. As Mark talks about in this podcast, it is great when kids have healthy relationships with both parents who live together and are happily married. But sometimes, that is not possible any longer.

Children can and do develop well with healthy relationships with both their parents, each on a separate basis. What is so important is assuring your kids that you and their other parent both love them very much, and they are safe.

Don?t Get Advice From Your Friends About Children?s Issues in Texas Divorce

It is one thing to ask a friend if they know any good divorce lawyers, it is another thing to get advice from another person who is not a divorce lawyer. Every divorce is different based on the facts, the local county court rules, and conflicted issues. The value in hiring the best divorce lawyer you can find is that lawyer?s ability to create a strategy based on their experience litigating issues like yours.

Even though another person may have similar issues, there are so many moving parts in a divorce. So what happened to someone else has no bearing on what may happen in your divorce. It is a good idea to not talk about your divorce with other people and compare notes.

First Steps in a Texas Divorce with Children?s Issues

Based on our divorce and child custody strategy, we file an original petition for divorce, asking the court to grant you a divorce based on the allegations and claims in your petition. Along with the petition, there may be a temporary restraining order, or a protective order if there is any family violence.

In some families, the spouses know they are facing divorce. Some plan it in a way they believe is best for the family. It can make things easier when the cordial and open to agreements. In other cases where some significant event caused the divorce, emotions may be running high, making it challenging.

Listen to Mark explain what to expect when you start your divorce. Hopefully, your spouse also hires the best lawyer they can find because it makes it easier on everyone when experienced and skilled family lawyers are involved.

Temporary Orders Hearings on Request of One of the Parties

A temporary orders hearing allows you to educate the court about the issues involved. When a temporary orders hearing is requested during the beginning of your divorce, the court hears both parties and makes decisions about who lives where, who pays for what, who drives what, who has which parenting rights and duties, and where will the kids be during the case.

Mark stresses the importance of taking the temporary orders hearing seriously because much of what is decided on a temporary basis may become the permanent order. The time allowed for a temporary orders hearings is limited, making it important to be well prepared for the hearing.

Mark Explains Conservatorship and Possession in Texas Divorce

Texas law presumes that both parents should be joint managing conservators. Conservatorship is about parental rights, not parenting time. Conservatorship is not the same possession. So when people say joint custody, most are talking about possession and access. One of the rights and duties parents fight over is the exclusive right to determine where the child will live. When there are bad allegations including family violence, the court goes past the joint managing conservator presumption and appoints one of the parents as the sole managing conservator with exclusive rights.

Where it Can Get Complicated Litigating Children’s Issues in Texas Divorce

When one parent has done something significantly damaging it can be easier to sort out issues of conservatorship and possession. The more challenging situation can the one where both parents make strong cases why they should be the primary parent when 50/50 possession is not an option.

Mark talks about the best interests of the kids involved and the decisions judges have to make. When the parents can not come to agreements, they fight it out in court.

Temporary orders in complex custody matters can be difficult to handle in 20 minutes. Complex issues about children?s education and health issues. Based on the allegations, an amicus attorney may be appointed to assist the court in protecting the child?s best interests. A child custody evaluation could also be ordered. Mark explains more about family court trials on children?s issues in this podcast.

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If you have questions about filing a new divorce, child support, child custody, or modifications or enforcement cases, you should call Scroggins Law Group. We hope this podcast was informative and helpful. Please feel free to share with a friend who may be looking for this type of divorce and child custody information.

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