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Parenting and Divorcing: The Coronavirus and Stay at Home Situation

Mental Health and Addiction Issues with Coronavirus and Stay at Home Situation Mark talks about the first 6 weeks of staying at home, having kids at home, and not being able to get out; you find out how close you are to your spouse or how ready you are to be done with that person. This is the Scroggins Law Group video podcast program with Board-Certified divorce attorney Mark L. Scroggins. Big decisions made under stress can affect us, especially during the Coronavirus situation. Drinking, drugs, and depression can be the result of bad choices and an inability to maintain oneself at a balanced mental health level. In this program, Mark highlights several of the challenges the Coronavirus stay at home situation and how it impacts families and divorces. Divorce Magazine: 5 Ways Substance Abuse Can Affect Your Divorce People who already know they have a problem with addictions, alcohol, or drugs, might be having a difficult time during Coronavirus. Many people who went through substance abuse treatment use a system of support mechanisms to stay sober. Unfortunately, during a shutdown, the coping mechanisms are interrupted. Yes, going for a walk is good, but it just is not the gym. And yes, AA meetings on Zoom are helpful but do not feel the same. While many remain with stay at home conditions, staying sober is a major challenge.
You may use this podcast player to listen to the audio Call Scroggins Law Group for Divorce and Child Custody Issues Including Coronavirus and Stay at Home Problems. Our Offices in Frisco, Dallas, and Plano Serve Families in Denton, Dallas, and Collin Counties. (214) 469-3100. See our Coronavirus COVID-19 Update about Scroggins Law Group offices and services.  The New or Temporary Normal in Divorce and Child Custody Mark talks about a high-conflict temporary orders hearing he did using Zoom, and while he said the parties were able to accomplish their needs for that hearing, obviously it is preferable to have everyone back in the courtroom where communication can be much more effective. Courts are hearing family law cases on non-essential issues using Zoom. At first, only the cases involving danger to a person or child, for example, were being heard by the courts using Zoom. So now more cases and issues are being addressed in the normal course of a divorce but using Zoom. Mark talks about several counties doing things a little differently and no central continuity on procedures. What to Expect if You Have an Issue Where You Need to Get a Divorce Are there kids involved? In divorces involving children, there are two main parts, the division of the marital estate, and kid issues of child custody, involving conservatorship and possession and access. If you just have a property issue divorce, unless you have to get a temporary restraining order to freeze accounts during odd circumstances like money being transferred out of the country, you are not going to get hurt on property issues, where there are no abuse allegations. So, until June 1, 2020, those non-essential and non-emergency property issues will have to wait to be heard while the discovery process continues, and other work is done to prepare the case. Again, Mark explains that in some courts that are hearing different and some non-essential issues, the courts may be requiring different procedures during Coronavirus and the temporary different situation and use of Zoom. Mark explains how screen sharing works and the different groups on Zoom where participants might be present. At the end of the day, Mark talks about the new temporary normal being wrought with issues and it is necessary to use an experienced divorce lawyer and a firm with attorneys who can navigate all the challenging issues in divorce during the Coronavirus stay at home situation when we cannot get into court. Alcohol, Drug Addiction, and Mental Health: Struggling with Coronavirus and Stay at Home Situations People who have been furloughed or fired have no work. Those who are still working are doing it from home with everyone in the family in the house. The best and most balanced people are facing new challenges during the Coronavirus and stay at home orders. Mark explains how different people have different coping mechanisms, and how many people are affected by limitations and changes in life. Some people are resilient, and others are affected by depression and are turning to drugs and alcohol. What time is happy hour, is a question coming up more often than during normal times. Between day drinking and increased marijuana and drug use, more people are at risk of ruin Being super dad or super mom does not sell in your case if you show signs of alcohol and drug use, your divorce case is going to suffer. Mark explains that there is help there, but depression and addiction become so interlinked, it makes sense why some think they cannot get help or do not deserve it. The point Mark makes is that things are fixable. From the litigation side as well, things can get fixed if you get sober and get your life back in order. For more, read the CDC article focused on managing stress and anxiety during the Coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak. Being the Best Parent While Kids Watch How You React to the Coronavirus and Stay at Home Situation A child expects their parents to perfect in every sense. They are watching us all during a scary time when nothing seems normal. If we are taking home too many margaritas and picking up other different habits and behaviors, we are not being good to our kids. Contacting ex-spouses during the Coronavirus stay at home situation has been something people talk about. While we know most people are home, and available with nothing else going on, too many are tempted to start reaching out and talking to old flames and stirring up new relationships that might have been better left alone. Be careful with social media, not only when getting a divorce, but also during the Coronavirus stay at home situations. Mark often says, about social media, “Don’t press send, because it’s a great way to get yourself in trouble.” You can also find this program and others like it on the Scroggins Law Group channel on Blog Talk Radio. This program title is Coronavirus and Divorce, Addiction, and Mental Health with Divorce Attorney Mark L. Scroggins Scroggins Law Group, PLLC, Can Help You with Divorce, Coronavirus, and Stay at Home Situations Affecting You and Your Family (214) 469-3100.
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