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Reasons People Get Divorced: A Mark L. Scroggins Podcast

In this Scroggins Law Group Podcast Mark L. Scroggins Talks About Reasons People Get Divorced

Surprise! The most common reason people get divorced is not adultery, as you might think from television and movies. While television and movies like to sell the emotional causes of drama and divorce, reality tends to focus on more practical issues of money and day to day living.

Mark L. Scroggins is a divorce and family law attorney at Scroggins Law Group with offices in Dallas, Plano, and Frisco, Texas. Board-Certified in family law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization, Mark and his team of talented trial attorneys, paralegals and support staff are there for you at every turn in your divorce. Call Scroggins Law Group at for more information at (214) 469-3100.

Listen to this podcast and learn about common reasons people get divorced. We hope you appreciate the examples Mark offers from his many years in representing divorce clients in high conflict and high-stakes divorce and child custody cases.

Financial Conflicts are Common Reasons People Get Divorced

People want financial security. Especially as we grow older, focusing on retirement planning is important. How much money you may need is one thing, how you and your spouse work to get there is another. For example, some people are spenders while others are savers. Mark talks about people who make $100,000 a year and can save money every month and have $250,000 in retirement savings. Meanwhile, there are high-income earners making $500,000 a year and are living paycheck to paycheck.

There are other people who are smart with their money but never seem to be able to make enough to get ahead. Some people who are stubborn and refuse to be flexible in a dynamic job market where career needs are always in flux.

Financial conflicts and issues directly affect a family and its sense of security. The ongoing strain of financial problems leads to building anger which can cause issues with intimacy, another one of many reasons people get divorced.

Issues with Romance and Intimacy Can Lead to Divorce

Men and women have different needs. Mark talks about the reality of romance and passion. Even when a couple has the best chemistry, intimacy needs to be nurtured or the spark can go dim and a couple ends up being roommates sharing child-raising roles. While men appreciate sex to make them feel wheel whole, women crave the romance and intimacy that precedes that sex drive.

We just looked at the money and financial issues leading to divorce, and those problems can interrupt the normal course of romance and intimacy. One thing can lead to the other. If you are constantly arguing with your spouse about money and finances, you may be less interested in one another in the bedroom, assuming you all are still sleeping in the same bed.

From HuffPost Life: Can A Sexless Marriage Survive? We Asked the Experts

Impossible Conflicts Without Resolution Are Factors in Divorce

Mark makes a good point in this podcast about how different people are when it comes to conflict. ?Are you a screamer or the one who hides under a sheet in conflict??

How we handle conflict affects us and our spouse and family. Not being able to make a decision about where to eat or vacation is one thing, not being able to pull the trigger on any of the big life decisions leaves people wishing you had more intestinal fortitude.

Spouses unable to resolve conflicts may be blocking that resolution intentionally or subconsciously. Beginning with money and financial problems, leading to intimacy and romance issues, a couple might find themselves at a standstill on conflict resolution. The conflict could be about something else, and the heels are dug in the sand over the earlier problems of money and intimacy. Even though you all had been able to overcome anything when younger, growing older, we change and want more from our spouse.

Divorces When Opposites no Longer Attract

Are you just passing your spouse in the hallway, sharing household responsibilities and shuttling kids to school and practice? Remember when all you needed was each other and a sunrise?

People grow and people change. Sometimes the things that made opposites attract become the things that drive each other apart. Listen to Mark explain how mindless routines and boredom can cause problems in a marriage. He suggests changing things up and getting away from the grind from time to time. If you are always the one taking your son to baseball while your wife always takes your daughter to dance, try switching it up and getting more quality time with your kids.

Growing Apart in Marriage: 7 Signs You Are Drifting From Your Spouse

What is Normal, when People Ask about Reasons People Get Divorced

Mark explains how people want to know they are making the right decision and that the reasons they are getting a divorce are normal. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as normal. Everyone has a different sense of what is okay and what is unacceptable. Combine that with the fact that people change and learn more about themselves and the world through years of life experiences, ups, and downs.

Mark reminds us that talking to a mental health professional is always a good idea because they can help us look outside our current focus and get a better handle on our thoughts and feelings. At the end of the day, only you can say what is normal for you, and you should not worry about what could be normal to others.

According to Psychology Today, Feeling Hatred in Divorce is Normal

Talk to Mark About Your Reasons to Get Divorced, Call Scroggins Law Group (214) 469-3100

When you are ready to get the ball rolling and need to learn your rights and options in divorce, especially if there are children involved, call Mark L. Scroggins. His extensive experience in high stakes divorce is what you need when everything is on the line. Mark is Board-Certified in family law by the Texas Board of Legal Separation. Mark and his team of trial lawyers at Scroggins Law Group represent clients in Dallas County, Collin County, and Denton County, Texas.

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