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What Not to Do When Divorcing: A Mark L. Scroggins Podcast

Mark L. Scroggins offers tips on what not to do when divorcing in this podcast. As Mark explains, all you are doing is causing yourself more problems when you cut off funds to your spouse, engage in dallying tactics, start new relationships during your divorce, and when you make those nasty comments about your spouse. Your credibility is important in any divorcechild custodyproperty division matter or post-divorce suit for modifications. Consider credibility tips in this divorce podcast.

Judges have seen and heard it all before. They do not appreciate gamesmanship and bad conduct. While some people might think they are going to get one over on the other side, they do that at their own peril. It does not help anyone to make the wrong first impression.

Take Mark’s advice and use a smart strategy to win, not the low road of spite and pettiness. Mark L. Scroggins is Board-Certified in family law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization and his extensive high stakes divorce experience is valuable. Listen to this podcast and appreciate why it is important to maintain high standards for conduct and composure in a Texas divorce, especially in Dallas, Collin, and Denton Counties. For a consultation, call Scroggins Law Group at (214) 469-3100.

Cutting Off Funds During Divorce: Not Doing Yourself any Favors

Cutting off your spouse’s access to funds during divorce is generally a bad idea that will cause problems. An experienced divorce lawyer can advise you about exceptional situations where action can be taken affecting someone’s access to credit cards and bank accounts. When you disrupt another’s access to normal spending and activities you are probably violating a court’s standing orders or temporary restraining orders that prohibit cutting off funds.

Mark explains that draining and cutting off money makes you look spiteful and petty, not to mention you may be violating standing orders if your divorce has already been filed. If you have real concerns, you should discuss those with an experienced divorce lawyer who knows how to handle exceptional situations where it makes sense to ask the court to order anything affecting money and accounts.

Delaying Tactics Cause Problems in a Texas Divorce

Delaying the process of divorce and discovery is not what not to do when divorcing. Especially with discovery, the court needs to know what is there so it can oversee property division and divorce financial issues. Causing the opposing party to make additional filings to compel disclosure of information takes time and costs money. People who willfully withhold information may end up paying attorneys fees as Mark explains in the podcast.

One of the most despised delaying tactics is making it difficult to schedule hearings and not showing up for scheduled hearings and court-related events such as a discovery deposition. Judges know that emergencies happen and things come up, and they also spot a smokescreen. The Court is not impressed by delaying tactics in divorce.

Beginning New Relationships: Don’t Do It When Divorcing

Psychology Today: The Pitfalls of Dating While Divorcing: Brad Pitt (don’t do it!)

Beginning a new relationship while your case is filed and pending is absolutely not what not to do when divorcing in Texas. Mark offers anecdotes about people showing up in court with the new love of their life and it is just about the worst thing they could do. Nothing looks worse than active adultery, and that is exactly what people are doing when starting new relationships while they are still married.

Mark wants people to understand that in Texas we do not have legal separation and you and your spouse are still married until your divorce is finalized in your divorce is ordered. So new relationships are adultery which can and often will be an issue in your divorce and child custody case. Don’t do it!

Disparaging Comments Are Dangerous in Texas Divorce

HuffPost: How to Lose Child Custody (mentioning disparaging comments)

Your children are half you and half their other parent. When you talk badly about the other parent you are talking badly about your child in the same breath. Disparaging comments can make children feel that they are just as bad as the half of them you are trashing. Your children may not say this or act out necessarily, but the seed you plant can grow in their hearts and heads, leading to all kinds of consequences.

Mark also points out that you are violating your standing order that could not be more clear that you are not allowed to make disparaging comments about your spouse in front of others, especially your children. When disparaging comments are brought to the Court’s attention, it can be a significant problem.

Call Mark L. Scroggins at Scroggins Law Group For Divorce (214) 469-3100

As he highlights in this podcast, Mark L. Scroggins shows us how things can go well with your divorce and how they can also go poorly when people disregard this short list of what not to do when divorcing. For assistance and a consultation about your divorce and custody rights and options, make an appointment at Scroggins Law Group, in Dallas, Plano, and Frisco.

Listen to our podcast and learn what not to do when divorcing in Texas as Mark L. Scroggins shares divorce advice from many years of experience.

You can also listen to this podcast on our Blog Talk Radio channel: The Scroggins Law Group Family Law Podcast, titled: What Not to Do When Divorcing: With Mark L. Scroggins of Scroggins Law Group.

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