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Possession Schedules in Texas

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Possession Schedules in Texas

Possession Schedules in Texas

This is a Texas law group podcast about possession and access. Mark Scroggins highlights a variety of the options Texas parents may use in maintaining appropriate possession and access schedules that work for parents and are in the best interests of their children.

If you have a question about your possession and access schedules or need to enforce or modify your parenting plan and custodial arrangement, call Scroggins Law Group in Plano, Texas at (469) 626-5220.

We appreciate you listening to this podcast and sharing this information on social media or with friends and neighbors because we never know who might be looking for exactly this type of information.

Possession and Access Schedules in Texas

  • Possession and access schedules become part of your parenting plan
    • Texas uses the phrase “possession and access” instead of “custody and visitation”
    • The possession order becomes part of the parenting plan, to be court approved
    • Parents have the option of being flexible with the parenting plan in its implementation
  • Texas Family Code standard possession and access order for children above or below age three
    • Key differences between the plans for children after they turn three years-old.
    • Options in changing the standard order to fit the needs of your family
    • How holidays are addressed in the stand or expanded standard possession order
  • Creative possession schedules that deviate from the standard possession order
    • Increasing parenting time up to 50/50 possession schedules
    • Right of first refusal options, logistics and cooperation generally
    • The input of children on possession schedules and their preferences
  • Enforcing and modifying possession and access and parenting plans
    • As children grow older their needs and personal schedules change
    • What happens when parents fail to comply with possession agreements
    • Seeking relief of court when necessary in the best interests of a child

People who call Plano, Texas divorce lawyer, Mark Scroggins, often report that the possession and access schedule that has worked for years is no longer effective in balancing parenting time and the competing needs of children as they grow older.

At Scroggins Law Group in Plano, Texas, the attorneys and staff have more than 25 years’ experience in divorce and family law matters means that your situation will be properly handled by attorneys who have already experienced similar challenges among other clients and situations.

Mark Scroggins is board certified* in family law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization, which means that he has additional expertise and certification in Texas divorce and family law matters. To schedule a consultation, please call (469) 626-5220.

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