Premarital agreements prevent conflict and lead to peace of mind

Premarital agreements to assure a marrying couple that their family, fortune, and assets will remain secure  well prepared premarital agreement can give a marrying couple the assurances they may need to know they and their family and fortune are secure in the event the new marriage ends.


Who is a good candidate in need of a premarital agreement?


As more people find themselves marrying more than once in their lifetime, there are more people who have lived through a divorce and know they desire some certainty that they will be protected if their later marriage terminates. Consider that the termination of a marriage does not require a divorce, as the death of another spouse is a concern for which many people seek a premarital agreement.


If you have assets or children born of a prior marriage, you may want to make sure that your assets and children will be protected if your second or later marriage ends. The assets you bring to the new marriage can end up divided and going to a later ex-spouse, which may be unfair to your children.


If you are a part or full owner of a business you may also want to make sure that you protect yourself.


A well-written premarital agreement should contain information about your business interests as you consider your new marriage. Making sure your business interests are protected in the event the marriage ends, you have one less thing to worry about in life and can focus on enjoying your new marriage with worrying about exposing yourself and your business to liability if the marriage did not work out. 


Full financial disclosure is necessary when negotiating a premarital agreement.


While we assume people considering marriage are diligent and truthful when letting the other know where they may stand on all fronts, including finances. Other marriages are agreements where finances are kept separate, something more common than in the past.


In any case, the full disclosure of assets and liabilities that takes place when people negotiate premarital agreements can reassure people they will not have surprises later, after getting married.


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