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Podcast: Mark’s Tips on Introducing a New Partner

There is no perfect time or instructions for introducing your new partner to your children and every family is different. Having a serious conversation with your new significant other about their role in the family as potential future stepparent is important before introducing them to your children.

This is the Scroggins Law Group October 2018 podcast focused on the pros and cons of introducing your new partner to your children. Board-Certified in family law, Attorney Mark L. Scroggins, is experienced in what can happen when parents are serial daters and introduce the children to everyone they are seeing, and doing so too close to the divorce.

Mark is a divorced parent himself and offers some wisdom on introducing a new partner to your children based on experience.

One point he drives home is the importance of creating special one on one time with every child, and reassuring them that nothing will ever change that parent-child relationship.

There is no reason to expose kids to your new love interest until at least six months have passed, and there should be another three to six months before they spend the night.

Mark talks about the perils of a new person not understanding their place and their role, which can lead to tens of thousands of dollars in litigation over modification cases. A new partner or stepparent should not be the cause of litigation.

Cultural shifts have caused problems in parenting and it is important for parents to remember that they are in charge and make the decisions, not the children. Also, the original parents of the children should be making important parenting decisions, not the new partners or stepparents.

Whether you are going to introduce a new love interest during the holidays is yet another issue Mark addresses in this short podcast.

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