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Spousal Support Lawyer Collin County TX

Spousal Support Lawyer Collin County TXScroggins Law Group can provide you with a spousal support lawyer Collin County TX community members turn to in difficult times. Call us today to request a consultation with Mark L. Scroggins, a trusted Collin County spousal support lawyer. He can review your case and offer the insight you need to move forward.

Spousal Support

Ultimately, it will be up to the court to make binding, final decisions on spousal support for your situation. It is not guaranteed, nor is it necessarily permanent. It can also be changed if your circumstances change. Scroggins Law Group will make every effort to protect your rights and obtain the outcome you most desire. Mark L. Scroggins is proud to be a spousal support lawyer Collin County TX residents often think of first when they need a strong legal presence on their side.

Temporary Spousal Support Order

If appropriate for your needs, Scroggins Law Group can apply for a temporary spousal support order on your behalf. This is undertaken after the divorce action is filed and is intended as an emergency measure. It can provide you with the necessary funds to support yourself until the divorce process is concluded. As an experienced spousal support lawyer Collin County TX locals rely on, Mark L. Scroggins can explain how temporary spousal support is calculated and the amount you may be entitled to receive.

Permanent Spousal Support

As opposed to temporary spousal support, permanent support is not determined by using a formula. Instead, the court will weigh various factors with the aim of allowing a divorcing spouse to continue enjoying the standard of living they maintained while married. A spousal support lawyer in Collin County TX from Scroggins Law Group can review your case and identify the areas that may most interest a judge. Primarily, the court will consider the following factors for both spouses:

  • Health;
  • Age;
  • Income and income potential;
  • Skill sets, work experience, ability to work, existing, and potential income;
  • How many years the marriage lasted;
  • The standard of living for both spouses during the marriage;
  • If one spouse sacrificed their career to raise the children;
  • If one spouse assisted the other to earn an educational degree or professional license;
  • The financial ability for one spouse to pay the lesser earning spouse; and
  • History of drug or alcohol abuse or domestic violence.

A spousal support lawyer Collin County TX relies on such as Mark L. Scroggins, can work with you to provide the court with the most compelling and thorough documentation possible. Our legal team will make every effort to ensure that you receive the maximum spousal support payments allowable.

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Schedule a consultation with Mark L. Scroggins to discuss your spousal support needs and how he may be of service. If you are considering a divorce, or have begun the process, you may be best served by having an aggressive and successful attorney at your side. To speak with a skilled spousal support lawyer Collin County TX offers, call Scroggins Law Group today.

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