Quality Christmas Time with Children

With so many events and activities in North Texas it is easy to spend some quality Christmas time with children. Especially after divorce the one on one time spent among children and their biological parents is important. When families blend and there are step parents and siblings, new traditions are a great way to growContinue reading “Quality Christmas Time with Children”

Living Together Before Marriage

Psychological Findings Suggest Living Together Before Marriage Can Increase Odds of Divorce In years past, parents forbid their sons and daughters from living together before marriage. Many were sneaking around and pretended to have separate living situations, but few were fooled. The young folks argued that they needed to know if they could really getContinue reading “Living Together Before Marriage”

Talking to Children About Politics and Government

Even Though They Might Not Be Interested, They Are Inundated Before ubiquitous social media people had to search out the news of the day and information about what may be happening in government in Dallas, Austin or in Washington D.C. The campaign to elect former President Obama was the first to harness the power ofContinue reading “Talking to Children About Politics and Government”

Podcast: Children?s issues in Texas divorce and family law

Children?s issues in Texas divorce and family law: Welcome to the Scroggins Law Group podcast series. This program features Texas Board Certified family law attorney Mark Scroggins who shares information about issues affecting Texas families in divorce and family law. Children?s issues in Texas divorce and family law: Conservatorship and decision making What is jointContinue reading “Podcast: Children?s issues in Texas divorce and family law”

Avoiding holiday party disasters

On this month?s Scroggins Law Group podcast, we talked about the holidays coming up quickly and about holiday visitation issues and holiday parties. While we prepare for everything to be perfect so that everyone has a good time, consider a few additional items on your list. Hosting a group of people with different thoughts andContinue reading “Avoiding holiday party disasters”