Family and Domestic Violence Divorce Strategy

Family and Domestic Violence Affects All Kinds of Families Domestic violence, also known as family violence, affects millions of people every year. Family and domestic violence is aggressive or violent conduct within the home, often involving violent abuse of a past or present spouse or partner. When the victim is married to the abuser theContinue reading “Family and Domestic Violence Divorce Strategy”

Create summer structure for kids

Create summer structure for kids When you create summer structure for kids they are often happier and more productive. Children with nothing directing their attention are likely to find things to occupy themselves. While it is great for kids to explore their universe and their imagination, keeping them on track with some summer structure canContinue reading “Create summer structure for kids”

Relocating children outside the State of Texas after divorce

With divorce With divorce comes new opportunities, however some may be limited by location when you have children. When both parties to the divorce equally seek the custody of children, there are options to agree or litigate the issue of who gets primary custody and the right to determine where the child lives. After theContinue reading “Relocating children outside the State of Texas after divorce”

What happens when cheating and adultery lead to divorce in Texas?

Infidelity is commonly cited among the top reasons for divorce. Some say that anger and resentment lead to spouses seeking out other people for attention and approval. What may seem like an innocent friendship can turn into an emotional affair, and sometimes a physical affair. The emotional affair alone can cause significant damage leading toContinue reading “What happens when cheating and adultery lead to divorce in Texas?”