Property Division in Texas Divorce: A Podcast with Mark Scroggins

Property Division in Texas Divorce is Explained by Mark L. Scroggins In this Texas divorce and family law podcast with Mark L. Scroggins, we talk about property division in Texas divorce. Every divorce case is different, and every property division is likewise unique. In many cases an equal division of community property is appropriate. HowContinue reading “Property Division in Texas Divorce: A Podcast with Mark Scroggins”

High-Net-Worth Divorce: Balancing Careers, Wealth and Family

Success in Business and Challenges in Maintaining a Happy Family Technology changed the game and the speed of business. From online financial trading to digital enterprises selling to a seemingly infinite customer base, technology has knocked down walls and opened the door to opportunities. For business owners, investors and highly compensated executives, technology now allowsContinue reading “High-Net-Worth Divorce: Balancing Careers, Wealth and Family”

High net worth divorces in Dallas

High net worth divorces When your liquid assets exceed one million dollars there are unique elements of a divorce that require a sophisticated divorce lawyer experienced in high net worth divorces. Mark L. Scroggins is Board-Certified in Texas family law and is experienced in complex and high conflict divorce and family law cases involving wealthyContinue reading “High net worth divorces in Dallas”

Hiring aggressive Dallas divorce lawyers

Aggressive Dallas divorce lawyers While some people are focused on winning and losing, others are keen on getting what the want. A divorce is a sad event and there are no real winners or losers, just people separating their lives and figuring out how to move forward. When children are involved, there can be aContinue reading “Hiring aggressive Dallas divorce lawyers”