Summer Possession Schedules in Texas: A Family Law Podcast with Mark L. Scroggins

Mark L. Scroggins Explains Summer Possession Schedules in Texas in this Podcast School is letting out soon. May 30 is the last day of School in Frisco ISD, nearby our newest Scroggins Law Group office. New co-parents may have questions about summer possession and visitation in Texas. If your divorce decree follows a standard summerContinue reading “Summer Possession Schedules in Texas: A Family Law Podcast with Mark L. Scroggins”

Texas Divorce Process: A Mark Scroggins Podcast

The Texas Divorce Process is Unique to Every Family The two main pieces of Texas divorce cases are issues involving children and property. Because a divorce with child custody and property issues can be stressful and challenging, Mark Scroggins and his team of trial attorneys and paralegals create a strategy that fits you and yourContinue reading “Texas Divorce Process: A Mark Scroggins Podcast”

Podcast: Reasons People Divorce

Reasons People Divorce, it May be a Combination There are times people just know when to call it quits, when they are no longer willing to work on repairing a broken marriage. While it seems like there is always one last straw and catalyst that leads people to searching for a divorce lawyer, often thereContinue reading “Podcast: Reasons People Divorce”