Spousal Maintenance in Texas Divorce

Spousal Maintenance in Texas Divorce The Texas family code defines ?maintenance? as an award in a suit for dissolution of marriage of periodic payments from one spouse for the support of the other spouse. When the spouse seeking maintenance is first determined eligible to receive maintenance, the court next reviews a set of factors inContinue reading “Spousal Maintenance in Texas Divorce”

Family and Domestic Violence Divorce Strategy

Family and Domestic Violence Affects All Kinds of Families Domestic violence, also known as family violence, affects millions of people every year. Family and domestic violence is aggressive or violent conduct within the home, often involving violent abuse of a past or present spouse or partner. When the victim is married to the abuser theContinue reading “Family and Domestic Violence Divorce Strategy”

Maintaining Your Lifestyle After Divorce

New Divorce Clients Frequently Ask About How They Can Maintain Their Lifestyle After Divorce In high-net-worth divorces spouses may be concerned about their ability to maintain their lifestyle after the divorce. While there is no absolute right to have everything to which you are accustomed, the law protects the spouse who finds themselves disadvantaged byContinue reading “Maintaining Your Lifestyle After Divorce”

High net worth divorces in Dallas

High net worth divorces When your liquid assets exceed one million dollars there are unique elements of a divorce that require a sophisticated divorce lawyer experienced in high net worth divorces. Mark L. Scroggins is Board-Certified in Texas family law and is experienced in complex and high conflict divorce and family law cases involving wealthyContinue reading “High net worth divorces in Dallas”