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January is Divorce Month: A Video Podcast with Mark L. Scroggins

How to File for Divorce with Dallas Divorce Lawyer Mark L Scroggins

Mark L. Scroggins is a Board-Certified divorce and family law lawyer who presents information about various complicated divorce topics in the Scroggins Law Group video podcast series. In this episode, Mark talks about why January is divorce month, and how people can get the legal information and learn their best options in Texas divorce, custody and modification cases.

Frisco divorce lawyers regularly experience an increase in new divorce and custody cases right after the holidays when the kids go back to school and there are fewer calendar conflicts. Watch and/or listen to the video podcast to learn why getting into court earlier in the year can make into court to get your Temporary Orders before spring break.

Mark talks about all kinds of custody and possession schedules that can give parents maximum quality time with their children. He also talks about how important it is for both parents to be represented by experienced divorce lawyers and firms who can properly represent you and your family, from the more amicable to the highest in conflict cases.

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Why January is Divorce Month

Dallas divorce lawyers like Mark L. Scroggins frequently talk about the two busiest times for divorce attorneys every year. January is “Divorce Month,” and the other busy month is back to school time. Mark explains in the podcast that people who are well-prepared for a divorce understand that the beginning of the year, after the holidays, is a better time for many to file for a divorce. If you have children, they are back in school, and for many, January is a slow time of year as business starts picking up after the holidays. January is divorce month.

USA Today “Divorce month” January likely to see spike in divorce filings as holidays end

One advantage of filing during the January divorce month is getting your Temporary Orders hearing and divorce discovery responses are taken care of before spring break and Easter. At the Temporary Orders hearing, the parties and the court determine who will live where, drive what, pay what bills, and how the parents will share parenting responsibilities during the divorce suit, while it is pending. Learn more in this podcast article, Issues in Temporary Orders Hearings in Texas.

Watch our video podcast about Texas Divorce Discovery and Custody to learn more about the discovery process and what you can expect when preparing for a January divorce.

Different Possession Schedules and Options for Co-Parents

January divorce consultations frequently include discussing the parents’ rights and options regarding child custody and possession. There are standard possession orders the courts may apply if the parties don’t come to their own agreement about where the children will be and when.

Among busy Plano divorce lawyers, Mark L. Scroggins and the team at Scroggins Law Group are on the cutting edge of custom possession schedules and what options work best for families and co-parents learning how to get along well following their divorce or custody case. Because we get hired for the most challenging child custody cases, we have frequent exposure to the opinions of custody evaluators and mental health professionals with recommendations about different custody and possession situations.

The age of children has much to do with recommendations for possession schedules. When both parents seek to be the custodial or primary parent, a 50/50 shared possession schedule can be set up through the agreement of the parents. Shared parenting schedules can be week by week, a 2-2-3 visitation schedule, or a 2-2-5-5 visitation schedule.

As children grow, their schedules and lives are constantly in flux. If you had an equal possession schedule, it might need to be modified to better with the best interests of the child. While modifications can be accomplished amicably, they are still new lawsuits filed with the court with continuing jurisdiction over the parties and the children. The team at Scroggins Law Group will explain all your divorce and child custody options. Watch the full-length podcast to listen to Mark explain possession schedules and options in greater detail.

Picking the Right Experienced Divorce Lawyer You Can Trust

Frisco, Texas divorce lawyer people trust will tell you what to look for when hiring a lawyer. In the video podcast, Mark explains a few common accolades and acknowledgments lawyers display in their office, showing clients their peer-reviewed experience and credentials. For example, Mark L. Scroggins is Board-Certified in Family Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization, a certification held by less than one percent of Texas lawyers.

Your divorce lawyer should be someone you trust. You should be comfortable telling your divorce lawyer all the relevant facts about your marriage and your divorce. While your divorce lawyer does not need to be your best friend, they need to be able to represent you with the best strategy for you and your family.

You should also hope that your soon-to-be-ex also hires the best lawyer they can find. When both parties are represented by experienced family lawyers, your family is best protected against the pitfalls of relying on inexperience within the Texas Family Law code. In high-stakes divorce and high-conflict custody, experience matters.

Call Scroggins Law Group if January is Your Divorce Month. Mark L. Scroggins is Board-Certified in Family Law. The Scroggins Law Group Team Includes Talented Divorce Attorneys, Paralegals, and Staff to Help You Through Every Step in Your Divorce, Child Custody, or Modification Case. (214) 469-3100.

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