What Are My Visitation Rights After Divorce?

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Divorce is challenging on everyone involved. Children generally take divorce especially hard. Some feel it is their fault. Others don’t understand why their parents don’t live together anymore. It’s an emotional and challenging time in their lives. And you should be there for them.

If your former spouse is preventing you from seeing your child, you need to contact a lawyer today to protect your rights. Your child deserves to have a relationship with you. Don’t let anyone take that away.

My divorce is final but our child custody isn’t. What can I do?

Assuming your child lives with your former spouse, you can have reasonable visitation with your child. This can’t interfere with school but you are half of your child’s parental unit and you deserve to have a thriving relationship with your child.

If your former spouse refuses to let you see your child, it’s time for you to contact a lawyer to represent you in your child custody dispute. Your former spouse cannot keep your child from you unless the court allows that happen. Only in rare circumstances will a court grant such a request.

How do I get 50/50 custody?

If you don’t currently have shared parental responsibility with your former spouse, the burden is on you to show why there should be a change. This is an uphill battle but one that your lawyer will have no intention of losing.

In order to successfully modify a child custody arrangement, you must show the best interests of your child would be to modify the arrangement. That shouldn’t be difficult to show the court.

We can show the history of your relationship with your child, the love, care, and support you have shown your child, and your general fitness as a parent. The court may also consider the wishes of your child, if your child is old enough.

What if I haven’t always been there for my child?

Everyone’s life takes a different path. What matters is that you want to be involved now and that is commendable. Absent serious issues like abuse or neglect, there should be no reason why a court wouldn’t be open to considering a modification in the child custody arrangement.

Once again, this will be an uphill battle but one that your lawyer can assist with to help you reach your goals. The court will see you are making an effort and will want to reward both you and your child. A fruitful relationship with the child’s parents is in the best interests of everyone involved.

Do I need a lawyer?

Yes. Child support modification issues are complex and the law surround them is constantly changing. This requires a keen eye to make sure you are getting the best representation you can. The best child custody attorneys Dallas, TX offers at Scroggins Legal will always keep the best interests of your child in the forefront as they fight to protect your rights.

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