Who’s the best divorce lawyer in Collin County TX?

Divorce can be a tough time and you may find yourself wondering, ?Who?s the best divorce lawyer in Collin County TX to help me through this?? ?While that question may not have an exact answer, there are a few things to consider and do when looking for a divorce attorney.


You?ll want to look for a divorce lawyer that has both experience and skill. ?See how long they?ve been practicing for and if they?re board-certified*. ?You?ll want to choose someone local and practicing in Collin County so they understand any state or local-specific needs, so check how long they?ve been serving in your area. ?It will be immensely helpful if they know the courts and judges in your area, and if they?re on good terms with them. ?Check how many divorce cases they handle — you may want to look for a family law-specific firm so you know for sure where their expertise lies.

Ask questions

Shop around and meet a divorce lawyer and ask a lot of questions. ?The attorney should be able to explain everything clearly to you; if they sound nervous or hesitant about any of your questions, you may want to choose a more experienced and confident lawyer. ?You?ll want to choose someone who can communicate clearly and negotiate well, they?ll not only be speaking with you, but your spouse?s divorce lawyer, and a judge. ?You may even want to ask any divorced friends, ?who?s the best divorce lawyer in Collin County TX? so they will be able to give you a referral.

Trust your gut

After you?ve met with a divorce attorney (or three!) ask yourself these questions:

  • Did you feel comfortable?
  • Were they intimidating or spoke over you?
  • Did they listen to your case in detail or were they pitching themselves?
  • Did they sound like they had a realistic game plan for your case?

Trust your gut; if someone is making your uncomfortable or you feel they aren?t going to be a good fit, keep looking around. ?Because you will be working with your lawyer for some time, you?ll want to choose someone you can work well with and can talk to. ?Divorce can be a sensitive subject, and a good lawyer will handle your case with care and respect. ?Of course, everything you discuss is confidential, so you?ll need to be straight forward with your lawyer and tell them everything they need to know to correctly handle your case. ?Keeping silent about things because you feel too shy or ashamed to speak up will only hurt you in the long-run.

While there may not be an exact answer to who?s the best divorce lawyer in Collin County TX, following these suggestions, asking questions, and doing your research will get you a long way.

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