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Plano Parent Relocation Attorney: Parent Moving Away from Texas

Plano, Texas Relocation Attorney

Texas custody and visitation attorneys help parents with child custody modification if parent is moving away from Texas. Texas custody and visitation agreements are written in original custody orders and parenting plans. If there are compelling reasons a parent needs to move away from Plano to somewhere far away or outside of Texas, their child custody lawyer can file a petition for modification of the original order to allow the parent to move with the child.

Texas Custody & Visitation

When parents divorce in Texas they can agree to custody arrangements or the court can make its ruling based on the best interests of the child. In most cases parents with shared custody are called Joint managing conservators. It is common for one parent to be the primary parent with whom the child spends most of their time with periods of visitation, called possession and access for the non-primary parent. Among the rights of a primary parent is the right to establish the geographical area for the child’s primary residence.

Joint Managing Conservatorship Agreement

The original custody order and parenting plan should contain the agreement of the parents or order of the court as to which parent has the right to determine the child?s primary residence. While some parents can easily come to an agreement about who will decide where the child will live, other parents may disagree and litigate the issue in court.

Child custody modification if parent is moving away from Texas

If there is no agreement between the parents when one wants to move away from Texas or several hundred miles away from Plano or Frisco, there must be a significant reason for the move. The proposed distance is an issue, particularly for the non-primary parent who may have to travel significant distances for time with the child. The relationships of everyone involved and best interests of child are the focus.

A new job, lost job or remarriage are common reasons people move. There might also be threats or a history of violence that leads a parent to move for safety reasons. The overall opportunities and benefits for a child are weighed by the court when asked to decide whether a parent and child move is in the child?s best interests.

The Plano, Texas child custody lawyers at Scroggins Law Group can answer your specific questions and provide additional information about parent relocation.

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