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Back-to-School Ideas for Divorced Parents

School is back in session and there are a few back-to-school ideas for divorced parents. Regardless of your relationship and communications with the other parent, there are opportunities to share the roles and responsibilities of parenting when school starts and throughout the year.

When parents work together with a focus on their childrens education and school experience, those children can appreciate that their needs are important and that both parents are on the same page when it comes to school, homework, events and activities.

Even after some of the most challenging divorce cases, it is possible for parents to work together in the best interests of their child by sharing in the roles and duties of parents raising and educating a child. Also, where most of the communication and visits take place in neutral and public spaces, it can be easier than expected to maintain polite relationships while supporting the growth and development of the child.

Opportunities to share the school experience and show your support for your child:

Sharing the cost of school supplies

With the list of school supplies your child needs, which can be extensive, you have an opportunity to share the costs and the process of getting everything ready for the first day of school. There are some things that moms are good at selecting and others that dads can chose, like athletic shoes and backpacks. When children know that both parents bought some of their school supplies they are reassured that both their parents care about them at school and make sure every need is covered.

Shared calendars help everyone know their kid’s schedules

Many co-parents use shared calendars such as a shared Google calendar or the My Family Wizard software to exchange information and upcoming events. When both parents have access to a shared calendar and receive notifications that a new calendar entry was posted, you never have to worry about missing a school open house, football game or other activities when parents are involved.

Sporting and extracurricular events involving your children

Whether your son or daughter plays sports or just likes going to the games, it is important for parents to be encouraging and involved in school sports and other extracurriculars. If the child is on the field or playing an instrument on stage, it is easy for both parents to attend and be in the crowd sitting nearby or with their new significant other on the other side of the bleachers or auditorium. Most children are most interested in both of their parents being there, to see them score a touchdown or play a solo. Children may understand that their parents may not married anymore but can still be polite and pleasant in public, and this sends the child a message about how to conduct yourself as a respectful adult.

Attending parent-teacher conferences and monitoring progress at school

Group messaging gives parents and opportunity to communicate with one another and their child about what is going on at school and how the child is doing with their studies and school activities. If your child has a big test coming up, it is nice when both parents are offering supportive words in group messages. When a child sees both parents sharing in the dialogue about school, that child can appreciate the support network of both their parents who want what is best for them.

Mark L. Scroggins knows that parents who make the effort to be cordial and supportive co-parents should be able to have a better relationship with their former spouse, which is also good for children who feel the support of a family network. For more back-to-school ideas for divorced parents, or if you need a divorce lawyer, contact Mark L. Scroggins, Board-Certified in Family Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. Call Scroggins Law Group at (214) 469-3100 to schedule a consultation.

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