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Divorce and Child Custody Basics in Texas: A Podcast with Mark L. Scroggins

Divorce and Child Custody Basics with Mark L. Scroggins

Summer break, vacations, holidays like the Fourth of July put us all together with kids, spouses, and family. Summertime get-togethers may be fun for all, but they may also be a challenge to anyone in struggling marriage. This is a podcast all about divorce and child custody basics in Texas, featuring board-certified family law attorney, Mark L. Scroggins.

Listen to Mark talk about what happens when people decide they have had enough. Mark talks about what happens when we can no longer hide the truth about a bad marriage and when we are ready to take the next steps. Especially in high-net-worth divorce cases, news of divorce starts a chain of reactions. Mark talks about these concepts in this podcast we hope you share with others who need this information.

When you need to file for divorce, your divorce lawyers at Scroggins Law Group work with you to determine what you need and how to proceed in your divorce case. In the event, family violence was involved and something happened that caused the divorce, your divorce lawyers will ask the court to grant orders giving you the relief you need, including exclusive access to the marital residence.

If you take notes when listening to our podcast, call us with any questions. We are available at our main office in Frisco, Texas at (214) 469-3100.

Lawyers for Divorce and Child Custody at Scroggins Law Group in Frisco, Dallas, and Plano

Responding to the question, ?How is Scroggins Law Group different?? Mark explains how he and his team of talented trial lawyers only work on divorce, child custody, and everything involved in a family law case in Texas. Board Certified in Family Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization, Mark L. Scroggins leverages his experience and skills in Texas divorce to satisfy clients? needs. Mark says everyone should hire the best divorce lawyer they can find, so things are done right and with professionalism.

Preparing Yourself for Divorce and Child Custody Cases in Texas

One of the common questions please ask Mark L. Scroggins is what to do with their social media pages? People worry about past posts being used against them in the divorce. Mark offered one of his favorite pieces of advice: ?When in doubt, do not post, do not press send.? He then explains that what is more important is your recent history. If there are bad pictures or videos of you that could show up, you must deal with that or try to prevent it. A word to the wise is not to provoke your spouse with their social media because you are inviting them to do the same to you.

Preparing for divorce means you will need to get your financial documents and records ready for your divorce firm to evaluate and analyze for purposes of doing discovery and to negotiate and litigate to get you what you are asking for in the divorce.

Are you ready for co-parenting? Check out the OurFamilyWizard software solutions to help manage custody schedules and co-parenting information.

Consider consulting mental health counselor so you and your children can discuss your concerns about divorce and how it may be affecting you. Consider this article, Recovery After Divorce on the GoodTherapy.org website.

Common Divorce and Child Custody Basics and Questions for Divorce Lawyers

There are common issues and questions facing people preparing to file for divorce in Texas. It is important to learn your rights and options in divorce so you can ask all the right questions so your divorce lawyers can help you.

Do I get a divorce? How do I find the right firm?

  • When people call Scroggins Law Group for a divorce consultation, how do they know they are ready for divorce?
  • How can people prepare for a divorce or child custody case?
  • What does Scroggins Law Group offer divorce clients?

What about my kids?

  • Summer is a popular time for divorce because kids are out of school. Divorce can be tough on kids, what do you tell people concerned about that?
  • What can I expect to happen in a child custody case, are there some basics to know?
  • How do I approach co-parenting with reasonable expectations?

What is the divorce and custody process in Texas?

  • How long will this take, what are the steps?
  • Is divorce that different in Denton and Collin Counties compared to Dallas County?
  • Will I have to go back to court for anything after the divorce is final?

Are new relationships okay?

  • What are some tips for new romantic relationships, what if I met someone and that caused the divorce?
  • Do people find value in using mental health people to address relationships?
  • How do I make sure even a protective new person in my life doesn’t mess things up?

Call Scroggins Law Group in Frisco, Dallas, and Plano About Divorce and Child Custody Basics in Texas

With smart and talented divorce lawyers serving clients Denton, Dallas, and Collin Counties, Scroggins Law Group can help you. People refer clients and cases to Mark L. Scroggins and his team when there are challenges and complex conflicts in their lives. High stakes divorce requires sophistication and professionalism. At Scroggins Law Group, Mark L. Scroggins is Board Certified in Family Law and knows how to create and implement unique strategies when so much as at stake.

Call Scroggins Law Group at (214) 469-3100 to schedule a consultation. Let us know if you listened to this podcast and whether you have questions about any of the issues we covered in this divorce and child custody basics program.

Note: You may also listen to our podcasts on our Scroggins Law Group Blog Talk Radio channel. This program is?The Basics of Divorce and Child Custody Cases in Texas with Mark L. Scroggins.

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