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What is a Family Law Attorney

Divorce and all things leading up to divorce are vey rarely amicable and easy going. Occasionally a divorce can start off as both sides seeing eye to eye, but it is exceedingly unlikely for the parties to continue to be amicable as the divorce progresses. It is the norm for one or both parties to become contentious and feel they are owed something or something important to them emotionally is being taken away from them. 

Family matters are territorial conflicts and emotionally charged issues where both sides dig in for battle to get what they want. Issues such as conservatorship and possession and access of children, the division of assets and debt, spousal support and child support can be overwhelming. When a marriage or relationship breaks down it is common to feel anger, despair, loss, confusion and uncertainty. It is normal to want to lash out verbally and act irrationally when so many factors seem to be out of your control. There is help, experts educated and trained specifically for just these matters. By finding a qualified, experienced and compassionate family law attorney, you can receive the professional guidance that will shepherd you through these difficult times.

Skills and Services of Family Law Specialists

Family law specialists must have a wide range of legal skills:

  • Drafting and negotiating contracts, pleadings, and other legal documents are examples of some services provided.
  • Litigation of contested matters, educating the clientele on their legal rights and options, and attempting to resolve disputes via mediation are other areas of expertise.
  • Family law attorneys must also have compassion and exceptional interpersonal skills to be proficient in managing emotionally volatile situations.

The Uniqueness of Each Divorce Case

Every divorce is different in its’ own subtle way such as the specific issues regarding the individual clients wants, needs, and best interests.

There are numerous facets in every divorce proceeding. Again, these are unique to each case, but there is an established chain of events your attorney will follow to get you through the process efficiently and effectively. The chain of events can vary some depending on each individual client?s needs and their specific case. Communication with your counsel is key. Your attorney needs to know what your goals are and what you feel is in the best interest of you and your family. You need to be sure you share with your attorney all the facts about your case. Facts are what your case relies on in the courtroom. Omission of personal information and bad facts could negatively impact you in court. Surprises are difficult to deal with on the spot, so honesty in all things needs to be relayed. It is human nature to be wary or embarrassed when feeling like you are spilling your most intimate details, but it is essential to do so in order to be prepared for anything opposing counsel may bring know about and could use against you.

Be Prepared for a Prolonged Process

Be prepared. Divorce is not a fast event. Almost always there is back and forth between parties that is handled directly by your lawyer. First, filing the petition for divorce, potential temporary restraining orders, a temporary orders hearing, division of the marital estate, possession and access of children, child support, requests and responses to discovery, and receiving the final divorce decree are just some of the actions you will need the guidance and experience of a family law attorney in your corner. Divorce can be intimidating and unpleasant, it is a life changing event and is not to be taken lightly in any way. Prepare yourself for any outcome, there are very few hard and fast rules. Most cases are fact-intensive. One judge may think differently on specific issues or evidence than another and results may not always be favorable. Ultimately to protect you and your family legally, the strong, aggressive and compassionate expertise of a family law specialist is recommended.

This information has been brought to you by Mark L. Scroggins at Scroggins Law Group. Mr. Scroggins has over 25 years of legal expertise and is board certified in family law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization.

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