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Available by Phone 24/7

Board-Certified Family Law Attorney for Child Custody

Board-Certified Family Law Attorney Mark L. Scroggins is Experienced and Aggressive

Dallas divorces involving children and custody issues require a family lawyer who can get your family the results you need on the first approach. Especially in the beginning of a divorce or a Suit Affecting the Parent-Child Relationship (SAPCR), what happens in the early stages of your case can affect the rest of the matter. Mark L. Scroggins is a Board-Certified Family Law Attorney for child custody issues and he knows how to effectively negotiate and litigate for his clients in Dallas, Collin and Denton Counties.

The experience of a Board-Certified lawyer is valuable when anticipating what outcomes may arise from different strategies in different courts. Knowing the reputation of the judge and other attorneys is important.

When the court appoints and allows representatives and experts involving children’s issues, there can be important decisions to make about how to negotiate and proceed. The outcome of a case can be influenced by the reports of children’s experts and an experienced custody lawyer knows how best to represent your family.

High-Stakes Custody Issues Over Conservatorship and Possession and Access of a Child

At the beginning of a divorce or SAPCR, there may be very serious allegations that require an experienced child custody lawyer who knows what litigation strategy will work in the best interests of the child and the family.

If a protective order is sought in a case involving family violence, issues of conservatorship and possession and access are affected. Mark L. Scroggins has represented both clients seeking protective orders and proving family violence and the people against whom family violence is alleged. In either case, the long-term impact of these very serious allegations makes it important to hire the best child custody lawyer you can find.

Board Certification Requirements and Why You Should Hire a Board-Certified Family Law Attorney for Child Custody issues.

Board-Certified family law attorneys in Texas hold the distinction of being among an elite and limited group. The Texas Board of Legal Specialization states that there are over 100,000 layers licensed to practice law in Texas and only 7,250 may be recognized as Board-Certified specialists in one of the 24 recognized legal practice areas.

To be allowed to sit for the Board-Certification examination in Family Law, the applicant must qualify by meeting certain stated requirements. An applicant must be substantially involved in practicing family law and have participated in a required number of trials involving child custody issues among others.

Mark L. Scroggins and the talented team of trial lawyers, paralegals and support staff at Scroggins Law Group are your best assets in a high-stakes divorce or custody case. Mark L. Scroggins is a Board-Certified Family Law Attorney for child custody, available for confidential consultation at (214) 469-3100.

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