Valentine's Day and Divorce: Why is February such an active month in divorce?

Valentine’s Day can be a blessing or a burden. For some, Valentine’s Day is an expression of love, affection and a happy marriage. If you ask someone going through a break up and divorce, you might receive a different definition of what Valentine’s Day represents. The month of February is a busy time in divorce and family law firms. It is not uncommon for couples to divorce after the holidays; waiting until after all the family dinners and events have come and gone. The holidays can be stressful and may add fuel to a smoldering fire, further supporting the reasons people decide to leave a marriage or relationship. Whether blessing or cursing another on Valentine’s Day, the decision to divorce weighs heavily on many. If the decision is to end the marriage, February can be a good month to start the process of turning to the next chapter in your life. Reports suggest February is the most active month for divorce. A recent article, February: Most Active Month for Divorce, uses an info graph with?divorce statistics here in Dallas and nationwide. It suggests that one in five divorces involve evidence from Facebook. The divorce rates for men in Dallas are also much higher than among women. Overall, men and women in southern states have the highest divorce rates in the nation. There are several reasons February may be a good time to focus on divorce. If a husband or wife has weighed all the aspects of divorce and decides there is no likely chance of repairing the marriage, the decision turns to when, how and what to do next. The following considerations may be helpful in creating a plan of action.
  • February is tax preparation season for many men and women. When one of the spouses files for divorce the financial discovery process begins and the parties to divorce are called on to submit organized statements of income, expenses, assets and liabilities. Being prepared for filing income tax returns is helpful in organizing divorce financial statements. If a divorce petition has been filed, there are options for individuals when it comes to tax filing status, child dependencies, and other tax issues that arise during divorce.
  • When children are involved, parents consider the impact of a divorce on the entire family. The month of February, for most, is a quiet month and the news of divorce may be easier to absorb when there are fewer holiday and vacation distractions. By the time spring break comes around, families living through divorce may be eager to take a vacation after coming to terms with changes in the family.
  • Divorce with children requires planning if a parent and children may be moving. While some parties leave the marital residence before or immediately upon serving their spouse with a divorce, others stay in the home for a temporary period until new arrangements are feasible. If moving affects children and their school and social structures, summer might be a good time to plan a move. For some, February may be a good month to meet with a family law attorney and get the process moving.
  • In a few months, the spring weather here in North Texas will be calling many people outside for events and recreation. February finds most people indoors. Taking advantage of our extra time to organize the business of a family will save time and resources. Well-organized financial documents and statements can lead to a more efficient divorce.
  • Valentine’s Day can be an important place marker in life. Some decide to file for divorce on or just before Valentine’s Day to make a statement to a soon to be ex-spouse. Others reflect on Valentine’s Day to motivate and inspire to great love, success and happiness. Although the history of Saint Valentine focuses on traditions of courtship and love, a modern interpretation could include the tradition of releasing people and paving the way for new love.
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